Polypropylene and other Polyolefins book cover

Polypropylene and other Polyolefins

Polymerization and Characterization

This book deals with polyolefins prepared via Ziegler-Natta catalysis, from a polymer chemist's viewpoint, i.e. with emphasis on their preparation and on their basic composition and properties. In addition to chapters on catalysts, polymerization behaviour and polymer properties such as tacticity, crystallinity, morphology etc., a chapter is also devoted to characterization methods. The main part of this work is reserved for polypropylene in all its forms, namely, homopolymer, random copolymer and toughened (`block') copolymers, for which extensive own-experience was present. The other polyolefins are also covered by means of a thorough literature review.This book is intended for scientists active in the field of polyolefins, including catalyst development, but should also prove an invaluable medium in academia to illustrate the growth of understanding in catalysis, kinetics and characterization of a commercially very important class of polymers.

Included in series
Studies in Polymer Science


Published: May 1990

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-88690-3


  • Chapter 1. Polypropylene; Catalysts and polymerization aspects. (B. Goodall). Chapter 2. Characterization of polypropylene homopolymer. Chapter 3. Copolymers of propylene and other olefins (``random'' copolymers and rubbers) polymerization aspects. Chapter 4. Characterization of ``random'' copolymers and rubbers. Chapter 5. In-situ prepared toughened polypropylene (``block'' copolymers) polymerization aspects. Chapter 6. Characterization of in-situ made toughened polypropylenes. Chapter 7. Continuous versus batch prepared toughened polypropylenes. Chapter 8. Preparation and characterization of high-impact polypropylene blends. Chapter 9. Polyethylene, catalysts and (co-)polymerization. Chapter 10. Characterization of polyethylenes. Chapter 11. Poly(1-butene), its preparation and characterization. Chapter 12. The higher poly(&agr;-olefins). Chapter 13. Characterization methods and procedures. Chapter 14. Future trends in catalysts, process and products. List of abbreviations. Index.


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