Polyphosphoesters book cover


Chemistry and Application

Polyphosphoesters are a multifunctional, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient material, making them an important subject. The design of this type of material plays a key role in the progress of industry, agriculture, and medicine. This book introduces the chemistry, characterization and application of polyphosphoesters including comprehensive coverage of poly(alkylene H-phosphonate)s, poly(alkylene phosphate)s, poly(alkyl or aryl phosphonate)s, and poly(alkyl phosphite)s and poly(alkyl phosphinite)s. Each polymer is discussed in detail including methods, properties, and applications.

This book is useful for students and practitioners preparing to work, or in the process of working, in the exciting field of polymer chemistry.


Chemists, Material Scientists, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Hardbound, 344 Pages

Published: January 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-416036-1


  • 1: Poly(alkylene H-phosphonate)s

    2: Poly[alkylene (arylene) phosphate]s

    3: Poly[alkylene(arylene alkyl(aryl) phosphonate)s

    4: Poly[alkylene(arylene) phosphite]s and poly[alkylene(arylene) phosphonite]s


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