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Polyolefin Fibres

Industrial and Medical Applications

Polyolefins are one of the most widely used commercial polymers. This book reviews the most important polyolefins, including polyethylene and polypropylene. These versatile fibres are durable, chemically resistant, lightweight, economical and functional. Polyolefin fibres: industrial and medical applications provides a comprehensive review of the structure and properties of this group of fibres, together with methods to improve the functionality of polyolefins and their range of applications.

The first set of chapters discusses the different types of polyolefins, their structural and chemical properties as well as their production methods. The second group of chapters examines how to improve the functionality of polyolefin fibres. A final group of chapters addresses how polyolefins can be incorporated into specific applications such as industrial, medical and automotive products.

Written by a distinguished team of international contributors, Polyolefin fibres: industrial and medical applications is a quintessential reference for textile technologists, fibre scientists, yarn and fabric manufacturers and also those in academia.

Textile technologists, fiber scientists, yarn and fabric manufacturers, those in academia

Hardbound, 428 Pages

Published: January 2009

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-207-0


  • …an exceptional resource for all those who research or develop polyolefins, as well as those who work with polyolefin fibres in other professional settings., International Textile and Apparel Association


  • Part 1 Properties and applications of polyolefin fibres: Types of polyolefin fibres; The structural and chemical properties of polyolefin fibres; The structural mechanics of polyolefin fibrous materials and nanocomposites; Automotive components composed of polyolefins; The use of polyolefins in industrial and medical applications; Advances in polyolefin-based fibers for hygienic and medical applications. Part 2 Improving the functionality of polyolefins: Production methods for polyolefin fibres; Enhancing hygiene/antimicrobial properties of polyolefins; Improving the use of polyolefins in nonwovens; Testing and quality control of polyolefins; Polyolefin nanocomposite fibres and films; Improving the colouration/dyeability of polyolefin fibres.


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