Polymers from Biobased Materials

Edited by

  • Helena L. Chum, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA


  • Helena L. Chum, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

Polymers from biobased materials are polymers derived from renewable resources by chemical or combined chemical and mechanical methods, or produced directly in biological processes. Combinations of renewable and conventional fossil-fuel-derived plastics are also biobased materials. This assessment reviews materials from renewable resources and their properties including major biopolymers produced by plants and selected animal sources.
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Plastics manufacturers and processors.


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  • Published: December 1991
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1271-4

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryPart I. Materials from Renewable Resources and their Properties1. Structural Materials for the Automobile of the Future: Composite Materials Introduction Automobile Industry Biobased Materials in the Automotive Industry References2. Recent Advances in Lignocellulosic-Derived Composites Chemical Modification of Lignocellulosic Materials Improvements in Properties of Lignocellulosic Materials Combination of Lignocellulosics with Other Materials Future Opportunities References 3. Cellulose Grafting: Past, Present and Future Introduction Earlier Research - 1953-1984 Present Situation - 1985-1988 Future Research Needs International Aspects References4. Lignin: Properties and Materials Introduction Macromolecular Structure and Properties Materials Need for Future Research International Activities Conclusions Appendix - Papers Presented at the Symposium on Lignin: Properties and Materials5. Materials from Renewable Resources New Materials from Wood Priorities for Research on the Utilization of Biobased Materials Conclusions References6. Chitin: the Neglected Biomaterial Chitin/Chitosan Future Developments in Chitin/Chitosan Research References7. Starch-Based Plastics Introduction Northern Regional Research Center Technologies St. Lawrence Starch Technology The Michigan Biotechnology Institute/Purdue Technology References8. Biodegradation of Plastics Why Degrade Plastics? History Biodegradation of Standard Plastic Formulations Biodegradable Plastics Need for Future Research ReferencesPart II. Bioproduction of Materials9. Advances in Cellulose Biosynthesis Background Diversity and Uses of Cellulose New Sources of Cellulose Concluding Remarks: The Future References10. Biogenesis and Biodegradation of Plant Cell Wall Polymers Introduction Cellulose Lignin Other Aromatic Polymers References11. Advances in Protein-Derived Materials Why Study Protein-Based Materials Current Status Need for Future Research References Appendix: Examples of Research Activities in Japan Recent Progress of Chemical Modification of Wood in Japan Back Matter