Polymers for Electronic & Photonic Application book cover

Polymers for Electronic & Photonic Application

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Hardbound, 661 pages

Published: October 1992

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-762540-9


  • Overview of Polymers for Elecrtronic and Photonic Applications. The Chemistry of Polymers for Microlithographic Applications. Interconnect Dielectrics. RecentAdvances in IC Passivation and Encapsulation: Process Technqieus and Materials. Polyimides for Electrronic Applications. Polyimidesiloxanes: Chemistries andApplications. Applications of Epoxy Resins in Electronics. Advances in Thermoplastics for Electronic Applications. Polymers for Increased Circuit Density inInterconnection Technology. Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Polymers. Polymers for Non-linear Optics. Polymers as Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Materials.Polymers for Integrated Optical Waveguides. Langmuir-Blodgett Manipulation of Electrically Responsive Polymers. Basic Concepts of Polymer MechanicalBehavior. Chapter Refernces. Index.


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