Polymeric Foams Structure-Property-Performance book cover

Polymeric Foams Structure-Property-Performance

A Design Guide

Polymeric Foams Structure-Property-Performance is a response to the design challenges faced by engineers in a growing market with evolving standards, new regulations and with an ever increasing variety of application types for polymeric foam.

Bernard Obi, an author with a wide experience in testing, characterizing and applying polymer foams, approaches this emerging complexity with a practical design methodology focusing on the understanding of the relationship between structure-properties of polymeric foams and their performance attributes. The book introduces the fundamentals of polymer and foam science and engineering but also goes into more depth to cover foam processing, properties, and uses for a variety of applications. By connecting the diverse technologies of polymer science to those from foam science, and by linking both micro and macro-structure-property relationships to key performance attributes the book gives engineers the information required to solve the pressing design problems involving the use of polymeric foams and to optimize the foam performance.

With a focus on applications in the automotive and transportation industries, and uses of foams in structural composites for light weighting applications, the author provides numerous case studies and design examples of real life industrial problems from various industries and their solutions.


Engineers involved in product design, production and manufacturing with plastic foams;

Engineers involved in the design of processes and production facilities using plastic foams;

Engineers engaged in key sectors that use plastic foams (mostly with an academic background in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Chemistry), particularly those involved in automotive and aerospace, but also industries such as packaging, construction, sports and leisure equipment, medical devices, energy;

Polymer and Materials science and engineering graduates in industry and academia involved in research and development;

Industrial researchers.

Hardbound, 328 Pages

Published: July 2015

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-4557-7755-6



    2 Overview of Polymer Science and Engineering

    3 Overview of the Science and Engineering of Polymeric Foams

    4 Design and Use of Polymeric Foams for Various Applications

    5 Design and Use of Polymeric Foams in Automotive and Transportation Applications

    6 Exploration of Polymeric Foams in Composite Sandwich Structures and their Applications


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