Polymer Synthesis book cover

Polymer Synthesis

Volume 3

This volume, which completes the Second Edition of this widely respected three-volume set, continues the tradition of providing detailed and concise laboratory instructions for the preparation of organic and inorganic polymers. Updates are provided on the preparation of various types of polymers including olefin-sulfur dioxide copolymers, polythioesters, sulfide polymers, polyisocyanates, polyoxyalkylhydroxy compounds, polyvinyl carbazole, polyvinyl acetate, polyallyl esters, and polyvinyl flouride. The procedures were chosen on the basis of safety and to be representative of preparation methods for a general class of polymers. Fundamental and practical information on polymer synthesis is combined with extensive references and reviews of the patent literature.

Polymer chemists, materials scientists, chemical engineers, and biomaterials specialists.

Hardbound, 424 Pages

Published: November 1996

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-618513-3


  • "This book is the welcome complement to the second editions of Volumes I and II...a valuable reference work for specialists and nonspecialists alike. It is an excellent place to begin a search for a reliable synthetic method."
    --Roger K. Bunting, Illinois Sate University, JOURNAL OF AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY.

    "...this series of books is very useful and thus should be available to any laboratory concerned with the synthesis of polymers of diverse types."
    --R. Bruce King, University of Georgia, POLYMER NEWS


  • Preface. Olefin-Sulfur Dioxide Copolymers. Polythioesters. Sulfide Polymers. Polymerization Reactions of Mono- and Diisocyanates. Polyoxyalkylation of Hydroxy Compounds. Polymerization Reactions of N-Vinyl Carbazole and RelatedMonomers. Polymerization of Vinyl Acetate and Other Vinyl Esters. Polymerization of Allyl Esters. Polymerization of Vinyl Floride. Miscellaneous Polymer Preparations. Author Index. Subject Index.


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