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Polymer Nanoclay Composites

There is a major lack of fundamental knowledge and understanding on the interaction between a filler and the polymer matrix. When it comes to nanoscale fillers, such as layered silicates, carbon nanotubes, graphene or cellulose nanofibers it is even more important to know accurate structure-property relationships as well as identifying the parameters influencing material behavior.

The reason for the lack of knowledge on how to process nanocomposites and why there are so few applications is that several scientific fields are affected and a joint effort of those scientific communities involved is necessary - starting from the filler manufacturing or pre-processing over polymer chemistry to the polymer processing.

In Polymer Nanoclay Composites, all involved scientific areas are viewed together for the first time, providing an all-embracing coverage of all stages of polymer clay nanocomposites processing from lab-scale to industrial scale - stages from the raw material over manufacturing of polymer clay nanocomposites to characterization and the final products.

Readers will gain insight in the physical/chemical pre-processing of layered silicates and their incorporation into a polymer matrix using sophisticated technologies (such as advanced compounding) as well as in real-time quality control of the nanocomposite production and future prospects. The book also describes nanotoxicological and nanosafety aspects.

Academics as well as engineers and industrial readers working in the field of polymer nanocomposites and their industrial realization; material processor and application engineers utilizing nanocomposites;
Students in courses such as ‘Compounding of Polymers’, ‘Nanotechnology in Plastics Engineering’, and advanced materials processing

Hardbound, 194 Pages

Published: January 2015

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-323-29962-6


  • 1. Introduction (Stephan Laske)
    2. Mineral processing of layered silicates (Helmut Flachberger)
    3. Chemical/physical pre-processing of nanoclay (Gisbert Riess)
    4. Processing nanoclay using advanced compounding technology (Markus Battisti)
    5. Characterization of nanocomposites (Andreas Witschnigg)
    6. Achievable property profiles, selected examples (Hannelore Mattausch)
    7. Nanosafety (N.N.)


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