Polymer Colloids

A Comprehensive Introduction


  • Robert Fitch, President of Fitch & Associates

Finally! An authoritative, comprehensive textbook in this commercially and academically important field. Billions of kilograms of polymers are manufactured annually in the form of polymer colloids. Thousands of researchers work with them in a host of applications, from water-borne latex paints to cancer chemotherapeutics, but until now there was been no adequate introductory text.This book provides a solid development of the fundamentals to the field of colloid science with a solid development of the fundamentals of polymer colloids, emulsion, polymerization, latex technology, and the applications of functional latexes in catalysis, medical diagnostics and therapeutics. Fitch, who has been called the Benjamin Spock of Polymer Colloids, bases his approach to a complex field is based on his 40+ years of experience in industrial and academic research and development. His approach makes it easy to understand and be able to work effectively in this fascinating field.Students and professionals will find Polymer Colloids: A Comprehensive Introduction an important resource in gaining a working understanding of polymer colloids, enabling them to carry out their own research and/or development.
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Graduate and senior undergraduate students.


Book information

  • Published: April 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-257745-1

Table of Contents

Chpt.1-Introduction.Chpt.2-Emulsion polymerization.Chpt.3-Practical applications of emulsion polymerization.Chpt.4-Nonaqueous dispersionsChpt.5-Characterization of polymer colloidsChpt.6-Chemistry at the interface.Chpt.7-Latex stability.Chpt.8-ElectrolkineticsChpt.9-Order-disorder phenomna.Chpt.10-Rheology of polymer colloids.Chpt.11-Film formation.