Polyesters and Polyamides

Edited by

  • B L Deopura
  • R Alagirusamy, Indian Institute of Technology, India
  • M Joshi
  • B Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Polyesters and polyamides remain the most used group of synthetic fibres. This authoritative book reviews methods of their production, ways of improving their functionality and their wide range of applications.

The first part of the book describes raw materials and manufacturing processes, including environmental issues. Part two considers ways of improving the functionality of polyester and polyamide fibres, including blending, weaving, coloration and other finishing techniques as well as new techniques such as nanotechnology. The final part of the book reviews the range of uses of these important fibres, from apparel and sportswear to automotive, medical and civil engineering applications.

With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Polyesters and polyamides is a standard reference for all those using this important group of fibres.
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All those using this important group of fibers


Book information

  • Published: June 2008
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-298-8


Each chapter contains a detailed reference list and there is an excellent index., International Dyer
This book is a major contribution to the literature on polyester and polyamide fibres and provides an authoritative account of the production methods, ways of improving their functionality and their wide range of applications., International Dyer
It is an essential work of reference for those working throughout the textile pipeline, particularly for fibre scientists and technologists, those involved in firbe-based developments, and those involved in academic research and teaching., International Dyer

Table of Contents

Part 1 Polyester and polyamide fundamentals: Polyester resins; Polyamide fibres; Manufacture of polyester fibres; Manufacture of polyamide fibres; Poly (lactic acid) fibres (PLA); Environmental impact of polyester and polyamide textiles. Part 2 Improving functionality of polyesters and polyamides: Specialty fibres from polyester and polyamides; Property enhancement through blending; Weaving technology for manufacturing high performance fabrics; Advances in coloration of polyester textiles; Flame retardant polyester and polyamide textiles; Advances in functional finishes for polyester and polyamide textiles; The impact of nanotechnology on polyester and polyamides. Part 3 Applications of fibrous polyesters and polyamides: Polyester fibre-apparel applications; Medical applications; Sports applications; Automotive applications; Applications of polyesters and polyamides in civil engineering.