Pollution Prevention Technology Handbook


  • Robert Noyes, Noyes Publications

Technical information relating to current and potential pollution prevention and waste minimization techniques in 36 industries, with many opportunities for cross-utilization. When wastes are reduced or eliminated, substantial economies can be realized by reduced expenditures for pollution control equipment, and lower treatment and disposal costs. Other considerations include lessened liability problems, and improved public image.The thousands of items of technological advice in the book make it a valuable reference source.
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Over 35 industries are represented in this book, with opportunities to prevent pollution for each industry.


Book information

  • Published: December 1993
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1311-7

Table of Contents

Introduction Benefits Definitions Administration and Management Implementing a Pollution Prevention Program Barriers to Prevention Technology Cross-Fertilization Source Reduction Activity Codes1. Automotive and Aircraft Services2. Building Design, Construction, and Demolition3. Coal and Coal-Fired Power Plants4. Dry Cleaning5. Fiberglass Reinforced and Composite Plastics6. Food Processing7. Foundry and Heat Treating8. Hospitals and Medical Facilities9. Inorganic Chemicals and Pigments10. Iron and Steel11. Leather Tanning12. Marine Maintenance, Repair, and Shipboard Waste13. Metal Fabrication I - Machining Operations14. Metal Fabrication II - Parts Cleaning and Stripping15. Metal Fabrication III - Metal Finishing16. Metal Fabrication IV - Paint Application and Adhesive Use17. Metal Fabrication V - Case Studies18. Mineral Processing and Products19. Nonferrous Metals20. Nuclear Defense and Power Facilities21. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production22. Organic Chemicals, Plastics, and Synthetic Fibers23. Paint, Printing Ink, and Adhesives24. Pesticide Formulating25. Petroleum Refining26. Pharmaceuticals27. Photoprocessing28. Precious Metals Products29. Printed Circuit Boards30. Printing31. Pulp and Paper32. Research and Educational Institutions33. Semiconductors34. Textiles35. Wood Preserving36. Wood ProductsAppendix A: Cooling TowersAppendix B: Equipment CleaningAppendix C: Leak and Spill PreventionAppendix D: Non-Production Areas