Policy-Based Network Management book cover

Policy-Based Network Management

Solutions for the Next Generation

Policy-Based Network Management (PBNM) systems enable business rules and procedures to be translated into policies that configure and control the network and its services. Those who manage network systems are aware that this approach can benefit both network management as well as the development of applications that use network services; however, the details surrounding these systems has been obscured by marketing hype, numerous acronyms, and theoretical complexities. Policy-Based Network Management: Solutions for the Next Generation cuts through the hype surrounding PBNM and makes it approachable for those who really need to understand what it has to offer. The author, founder of the IETF Policy Framework working group, discusses system requirements, information models, and system components for Policy-Based Management. He also provide practitioners with a resource for developing and/or incorporating PBNM systems. As network systems become larger and more complex, creating policies for them has become a crucial step in the management of network systems, and this book is a welcome addition to this exciting approach.

Applications and network architects, vendor strategists, and developers of new network architectures and applications.

Hardbound, 516 Pages

Published: August 2003

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-1-55860-859-7


  • "This book is a unique and very good publication on policy-based network management. It is successful in explaining what PBNM is and what it offers." - IEEE Communications Magazine


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