Pocket Podiatry: Paediatrics book cover

Pocket Podiatry: Paediatrics

Pocket Podiatry gives you all the essentials of examination and diagnosis in a convenient, user-friendly format. With the emphasis on practical, step-by-step guidance, this handy volume includes helpful diagrams, full colour photographs, tables, tips and summary boxes to give you quick access to key information with the minimum of fuss.

Paperback, 324 Pages

Published: January 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3031-4


  • Foreword


    Chapter 1 Consulting with children

    Chapter 2 Embryology and fetal development

    Chapter 3 Basic bones of ontogeny

    Chapter 4 Developmental biomechanics

    Chapter 5 Gait development

    Chapter 6 Examination of paediatric foot posture

    Chapter 7 Growing pains

    Chapter 8 Clubfoot: talipes equinovarus

    Chapter 9 Metatarsus adductus

    Chapter 10 Intoeing gait

    Chapter 11 Toe walking

    Chapter 12 Verrucae

    Chapter 13 Sport and the osteochondroses

    Chapter 14 Footwear

    Chapter 15 Orthoses




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