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Plastics Engineering

The first textbook to cover both properties and processing of reinforced and unreinforced plastics to this level. It assumes no prior knowledge of plastics and emphasizes the practical aspects of the subject. In this second edition over half the book has been rewritten and the remainder has been updated and reorganized. Early chapters give an introduction to the types of plastics which are currently available and describe how a designer goes about selection of a plastic for a particular application. Later chapters lead the reader into more advanced aspects of mechanical design and analysis of polymer melt flow. All techniques developed are illustrated by numerous worked examples, and several problems are given at the end of each chapter - the solutions to which form an Appendix.

For undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, chemistry, industrial chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science and polymer technology. Also of interest to 'A' and 'O' level students.


Published: June 1987

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-032626-9


  • A comprehensive basic textbook on the properties and processing of plastics. The set of solutions to problems provided at the back of the textbook is very essential to the student.
    Dr George Z Voyiadjio, Department of Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, November 1987

    This is an excellent textbook... Students should find the worked examples very helpful.
    Mr M Jackson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Leicester Polytechnic, July 1988
    An excellent textbook for engineering students introducing them to all aspects of plastics. Will be used in connection with two Special Engineering Programme courses: SEP Yr 2 Materials: includes substantial components of engineering polymers (including composite); SEP Yr 2 Design: requires selection of polymer materials and design of polymers.
    Dr C D Ellis, Special Engineering Programme, Brunel University, Uxbridge, September 1987


  • (partial) General Properties of Plastics. Polymeric materials; Plastics available to the designer; Selection of plastics. Mechanical Properties of Plastics - Deformation. Viscoelastic behaviour of plastics; Short-term/Long-term testing of plastics; Design methods for plastics using deformation data; Mathematical models of viscoelastic behaviour; Intermittent loading; Deformation behaviour of reinforced plastics. Mechanical Properties of Plastics - Fracture. Concept of stress concentration; Energy approach to fracture; Stress intensity factor approach to fracture; General fracture behaviour of plastics; Creep failure of plastics; Fatigue of plastics; Impact behaviour of plastics. Processing of Plastics. Extrusion; Injection moulding; Thermoforming; Calendering; Rotational moulding; Compression moulding; Transfer moulding; Processing reinforced thermoplastics; Processing reinforced thermosets. Analysis of Polymer Melt Flow. General behaviour of polymer melts; Isothermal flow in channels; Elastic behaviour of polymer melts; Residence and relaxation times; Power used to extrude a polymer melt; Experimental methods used to obtain flow data; Analysis of flow during processing; Summary of melt flow equations. Appendices.


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