Plastics China: Technologies, Markets and Growth strategies to 2008


  • Donald Rosato, President, PlastiSource, Concord, MA, USA

'Plastics China: Technologies, Markets and Growth Strategies to 2008' outlines the structure of the Chinese industry, assesses market and technological trends, offers market figures and forecasts to 2008 and identifies the major players.Contents include:* Market figures and forecasts to the year 2008* Assessment of the Chinese plastics market including enduse plastics analysis* Plastic technology and growth strategies in China* Comprehensive directories of Chinese plastics suppliers, fabricators and endusers, state contracts, trade associations, trade journals and trade shows* Includes numberous tables, diagrams, charts and graphics.
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Global raw material suppliers, plastics converter/fabricator manufacturers and end-users with a strong plastics design, product development, and captive manufacturing focus, corporate management, senior marketing management, business analysts, investment analysts, financial analysts, market forecasters, business development managers and mergers and acquisitions specialists.


Book information

  • Published: May 2005
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-444-2

Table of Contents

List of FiguresList of TablesAbout the AuthorAbout Elsevier Advanced TechnologyChapter 1 Executive Summary1.1 Overview1.2 Highlights1.2.1 China Today1.2.2 Plastics in China1.3 Scope and Methodology1.3.1 Scope1.3.2 MethodologyChapter 2 Plastics China Market Analysis2.1 Chinese Plastics Manufacturing Organization2.2 Major Chinese Plastics Manufacturers2.3 Key Chinese Manufacturing Market Positions2.3.1 Major Resins (PE, PVC, PP, PS)2.3.2 Other Key Plastics (Acrylic, ABS, PC, Nylon, Acetal, PBT, Phenolic Resins, Epoxy Resins, Unsaturated Polyester, Amino Resins)2.4 Chinese Plastics Supply and Demand2.5 China’s Domestic Manufacturing: Expansion, Imports and Exports2.6 China’s Multinational Plastics Trade Effect2.6.1 Moulding Manufacturing: China Priorities2.6.2 Globalizing Extruded Bag Film2.7 End-use Markets for Plastics in China2.7.1 Packaging2.7.2 Automotive Market2.7.3 Agriculture Market2.7.4 Construction Market2.7.5 Consumer Products Market2.7.6 Other Markets2.7.7 Major Chinese Plastics End Users2.8 Globally Focused Chinese Companies2.8.1 National Champions2.8.2 Dedicated Exporters2.8.3 Competitive Networks2.8.4 Technology Start-ups2.9 Foreign Capital Investment2.9.1 Plastics Feedstocks2.9.2 Plastics Resins2.10 Chinese Plastics Technology2.11 Global Currency Comparisons2.11.1 Floating the Yuan2.11.2 Fluctuating the Dollar2.11.3 Inflating the Euro2.12 Eastern Europe’s China-like Competitiveness2.12.1 EU Accession Fundamentals2.12.2 Eastwardly Mobile Manufacturing2.12.3 Rising Costs, Growing MarketsChapter 3 Plastics China Growth Strategies3.1 Negotiation Process Summarized3.2 Cultural Roots Analysis3.3 Chinese Cultural Influences3.3.1 Personal Connections (Guanxi)3.3.2 The Intermediary (Zhongjian Ren)3.3.3 Social Status (Shehui Dengji)3.3.4 Interpersonal Harmony (Renji Hexie)3.3.5 Holistic Thinking (Zhengti Guannian)3.3.6 Thrift (Jiejian)3.3.7 ‘Face’ (Mianzi)3.3.8 Relentless Endurance (Chiku Nailao)3.3.9 Cross-cultural Starting Points3.4 Ford versus GM Automotive Negotiations in China3.5 American versus Chinese Negotiating Focus3.6 Multinational Company Development in China3.7 China Development Strategy Guidelines3.8 Joint Ventures3.9 Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises3.10 Industrial Infrastructure3.11 Chinese Trading Practices3.12 Intellectual Property GuidelinesChapter 4 Plastics China Database4.1 Chinese Plastics Company Profiles4.1.1 Key Plastics Market Leaders4.1.2 Other Major Plastics Companies4.2 China State Contacts4.3 Overseas China-related State Contacts4.4 Chinese Databases and Reference Works4.5 Plastics-related Trade Associations4.5.1 Mainland China4.5.2 Hong Kong4.5.3 Taiwan4.5.4 Singapore4.6 Key Asian Trade Shows4.7 China Plastics Trade Journals4.8 Global Corporate Rankings Directory4.8.1 Major Global Plastics Companies in China4.8.2 Major Global Plastics End Users in ChinaChapter 5 AppendicesA.1 Major International Trade JournalsA.2 Global Trade Journal Publishers DirectoryA.3 Global Trade Show Organizers DirectoryA.4 Acronyms and Abbreviations