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Plastic Surgery: Indications and Practice

Expert Consult Premium Edition: Enhanced Online Features, Print, and DVD, 2-Volume Set

Featuring the work of both international experts and up-and-coming stars in this fast-changing field, this multimedia two-volume reference presents comprehensive, quick-access coverage of all aspects of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery practice, with an emphasis on today’s techniques. Its content and format follows the core curriculum designed by the academic chairmen of plastic surgery, making it a practical resource for residents and the perfect review for the plastic surgery board examination. A bonus DVD—bound in the text—further enhances your surgical skills...enabling you to offer the beautiful results your patients expect. And, as an Expert Consult title, it includes a companion web site offering this unparalleled guidance where and when you need it. In print and online, Plastic Surgery offers must-have guidance for surgical success!

Plastic Surgeons and Plastic Surgery Residents

Hardbound, 2038 Pages

Published: November 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-4081-1


    User Guide
    List of contributors

    1 A History of Plastic Surgery
    Gregory Pearson and Robert Ruberg
    2 The Plastic Surgery Consultation and Patient Selection
    Phillip C. Haeck
    3 Wound Healing, Including Fetal Skin Healing
    Edward P. Buchanan and H. Peter Lorenz
    4 Wound Management
    Bohdan Pomahac, Tobias Hirsch, and Elof Eriksson
    5 Plastic Surgery Techniques
    Jeffrey Weinzweig and Norman Weinzweig
    6 Anesthesia
    Jonathan G. Hsiao and Carl Rosow
    7 Biomaterials
    Michael J. Miller and Olubunmi T. Ogunleye
    8 Flaps
    Michael E. Budd, Raffi Hovsepian, Benjamin Basseri and
    Gregory R. D. Evans
    9 Microsurgery and Free Flaps
    Stephanie L. Kwei, Denton D. Weiss and Julian J. Pribaz
    10 Grafts
    Alex Senchenkov, Ian L. Valerio and Ernest K. Manders
    11 S tructure and Function of the Skin
    Robert C. Fang and Thomas A. Mustoe
    12 Professional Development
    Elvin G. Zook

    13 Benign and Malignant Tumors of the Skin
    Deepak Narayan
    14 Burns
    Stephen M. Milner, Leigh Ann Price and John O. Kucan
    15 Burn Reconstruction
    Warren L. Garner and Victoria B. Vandenberg
    16 Surgical Management of Soft Tissue Infections
    Brian M. Parrett, Joshua Winer and Dennis P. Orgill
    17 Pressure Sores
    Wesley T. Myers and Linda G. Phillips
    18 Lymphedema
    Elizabeth R. Raskin, Sumner A. Slavin and Loren J. Borud
    19 Foot and Ankle Reconstruction
    Mark W. Clemens and Christopher E. Attinger
    20 Reconstruction of the Genitalia
    Lawrence J. Gottlieb and Joyce K. Aycock
    21 Chest and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
    Michele Manahan and Ronald P. Silverman
    22 Breast Reconstruction General Principles
    Amy K. Alderman
    23 Pedicle TRAM, Free TRAM and Perforator Flaps
    Joseph M. Serletti
    24 Tissue Expander/Implant Reconstruction
    Colleen M. McCarthy and Andrea L. Pusic
    25 Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Flap
    Sumner A. Slavin and Sharon Fox
    26 Treatment of Breast Asymmetry in Breast Cancer atients
    Kenneth C. Shestak

    Basic Principles of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
    27 Craniofacial Genetics and Dysmorphology
    David P. C. Rice
    28 Craniofacial Growth: Genetic and Morphological Processes in Craniosynostosis
    Richard E. Kirschner and Hyun-Duck Nah
    29 Anthropometrics, Cephalometrics, and Orthodontics
    Pamela R. Hanson
    30 Dental and Maxillofacial Considerations Including Fixation Principles
    Warren Schubert
    31 Soluble Molecular Signals and the Induction of Bone Formation
    Ugo Ripamonti, Carlo Ferretti and Manolis Heliotis
    32 D istraction Osteogenesis: Remodeling the Hypoplastic Mandible
    Fernando Molina
    Clip 32.1: Mandibular Distraction in Hemifacial Microsomia
    Fernando Molina

    Craniofacial Surgery
    33 Non-syndromic Craniosynostosis
    John A. Persing, Bianca Knoll and Charles C. Duncan
    Clip 33.1: Non-syndromic Craniosynostosis
    John A. Persing
    34 Craniofacial Dysostosis Syndromes
    James P. Bradley and Reza Jarrahy
    Clip 34.1: Facial Bipartition Monobloc Distraction
    James P. Bradley and Reza Jarrahy
    35 Orbital Hypertelorism
    Eric Arnaud, Daniel Marchac and Dominique Renier
    Clip 35.1: Surgical Treatment of Facial Cleft (Bi Partition)
    Eric Arnaud, Daniel Marchac and Dominique Renier
    36 Craniofacial Tumors (Fibrous Dysplasia)
    Yu-Ray Chen and David E. Morris
    Clip 36.1: Frontal and Supraorbital Osteotomy with Orbital
    Philip Kuo-Ting Chen, Peng-Wei Hsu, David E. Morris,
    Chen-Nen Chang and Yu-Ray Chen
    37 Craniofacial Clefts and Other Related Deformities
    Nivaldo Alonso and Renato da Silva Freitas
    Clip 37.1: Facial Cleft Surgical Correction
    Nivaldo Alonso and Renato da Silva Freitas
    Clip 37.2: Correction of Ankyloglossia
    Nivaldo Alonso and Renato da Silva Freitas
    Clip 37.3: Canthopexy
    Nivaldo Alonso and Renato da Silva Freitas
    Clip 37.4: Surgical Repair of Macrostomia
    Nivaldo Alonso and Renato da Silva Freitas
    38 Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair and Nose Repair
    Alexandre C. Marchac, M. S. Cheng, Joseph W. Michienzi
    and Kenneth E. Salyer
    Clip 38.1: Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair
    Kenneth E. Salyer
    39 Bilateral Cleft Lip
    David M. Fisher
    Clip 39.1: Bilateral Cleft Lip Repair
    David M. Fisher
    40 Cleft Palate
    Brian C. Sommerlad
    Clip 40.1: Repair of Cleft Palate
    Brian C. Sommerlad

    Maxillofacial Surgery
    41 Alveolar Cleft Management
    Kevin J. Kelly
    Clip 41.1: Iliac Bone Graft to Alveolar Graft
    Arun K. Gosain
    42 Velopharyngeal Dysfunction
    Peter D. Witt
    Clip 42.1: Velopharyngeal Insufficiency
    Peter D. Witt
    43 Secondary Cleft Lip and Cleft Nasal Deformity
    Philip Kuo-Ting Chen and M. Samuel Noordhoff
    Clip 43.1: Secondary Cleft Lip and Cleft Nasal Deformities Part 1
    Philip Kuo-Ting Chen and M. Samuel Noordhoff
    Clip 43.2: Alveolar Bone Graft and Secondary Cleft Surgery
    Philip Kuo-Ting Chen and M. Samuel Noordhoff
    44 Cleft-orthognathic Surgery
    Jack C. Yu, Andrea Glover, Daniel Levy-Bercowski and
    Eladio DeLeon Jr.
    Clip 44.1: Le Fort I Operation for Distraction Osteogenesis
    John W. Polley and Alvaro A. Figueroa
    45 Orthognathic Surgery
    Arno R. Schleich and Barry Eppley
    Clip 45.1: Sagittal Splitting of the Mandibular
    Kenneth E. Salyer
    46 Treatment of Disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint
    Daniel Taub, Jonathan S. Jacobs and Russell W. Bessette
    47 Hemifacial Microsomia
    Robert J. Havlik and Arno R. Schleich
    48 Facial Trauma
    Dov Charles Goldenberg, Nivaldo Alonso and Marcus Castro Ferreira
    Clip 48.1: Mandibular Fracture in Pediatric Patient – Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Metal Wire
    Dov Charles Goldenberg, Nivaldo Alonso and
    Marcus Castro Ferreira
    Clip 48.2: Submandibular (Risdon) Approach to the Mandibular Angle
    Dov Charles Goldenberg, Nivaldo Alonso and
    Marcus Castro Ferreira
    Clip 48.3: Video Assisted Treatment of Mandibular Condylar Fractures
    Dov Charles Goldenberg, Nivaldo Alonso and
    Marcus Castro Ferreira
    Clip 48.4: Mandibular Fracture in Adult Patient – Open Reduction and Rigid Internal Fixation
    Dov Charles Goldenberg, Nivaldo Alonso and Marcus
    Castro Ferreira
    49 Pediatric Facial Trauma
    Joseph E. Losee and Shao Jiang

    Pediatric Plastic Surgery
    50 Congenital Nevus
    Jugpal S. Arneja and Arun K. Gosain
    51 Auricular Reconstruction: Congenital Auricular Defects – Microtia
    Satoru Nagata
    Clip 51.1: Microtia: Auricular Reconstruction
    Akira Yamada
    52 Prominent Ears
    Wilberto Cortés and Arun K. Gosain
    Clip 52.1: Prominent Ears (Otoplasty)
    Arun K. Gosain
    53 R econstruction of Acquired Ear Defects
    Sean G. Boutros and Charles H. Thorne
    Clip 53.1: Reconstruction of Acquired Ear Deformities
    Sean G. Boutros
    54 Correction of Gynecomastia
    Paul Stephen Cederna

    Head and Neck Surgery
    55 Oncologic and Reconstructive Principles – Including
    the Pharynx
    David L. Larson and Jeffrey D. Larson
    56 Hypopharynx Reconstruction
    Joseph J. Disa and Peirong Yu
    Clip 56.1: Hypopharynx Reconstruction
    Peirong Yu
    57 Vascular Anomalies
    June Wu and Jeffrey Ascherman
    58 S alivary Gland Disorders
    Ali Sajjadian and Keshav T. Magge
    59 Nonepidermoid Cancers of the Head and Neck
    Jerry R. Castro, Benjamin R. Kummer and
    Bhuvanesh Singh
    60 Management of Cutaneous Facial Defects
    Arif Riaz Chaudhry and Babak J. Mehrara
    61 Reconstructive Lip Surgery
    Howard N. Langstein
    62 Oral Cavity Reconstruction
    Peirong Yu
    Clip 62.1: Oral Cavity Reconstruction
    Peirong Yu
    Clip 62.2: Floor of Mouth Reconstruction with ALT
    Peirong Yu
    63 Mandible Reconstruction
    Peter C. Neligan, Christine B. Novak and Patrick J. Gullane
    Clip 63.1: Mandible Reconstruction
    Peter C. Neligan, Christine B. Novak and Patrick J. Gullane
    64 Maxilla and Midface Reconstruction
    Eric G. Halvorson and Peter G. Cordeiro
    65 Eyelid and Orbital Surgery
    Ebrahim Elahi and Henry M. Spinelli
    Clip 65.1: Ptosis Repair: Tarsomullerectomy (Modified
    Putterman Technique)
    Ebrahim Elahi
    Clip 65.2: Orbital Floor Decompression
    Ebrahim Elahi
    66 Nasal Reconstruction
    Elizabeth M. Kim and Scott P. Bartlett
    67 Scalp and Calvarial Reconstruction
    Matthew M. Hanasono and Charles E. Butler
    68 Skull Base Reconstruction
    Michael R. Zenn
    69. Facial Reanimation
    Julia Kallipolitou Terzis and Kallirroi Tzafetta
    Clip 69.1: Cross Facial Nerve Grafting
    Julia Kallipolitou Terzis
    Clip 69.2: The ‘Babysitter’ Procedure
    Julia Kallipolitou Terzis
    Clip 69.3: Free Gracilis Muscle Transfer to the Face
    Julia Kallipolitou Terzis
    Clip 69.4: Pectoralis Minor Muscle Transfer to the Face
    Julia Kallipolitou Terzis
    70. Prosthetic Reconstruction
    Joseph M. Huryn, George C. Bohle III and Cherry L. Estilo

    Hand Surgery

    71 Embryology, Anatomy Function and Biomechanics of the Hand
    Kevin C. Chung
    72 Examination of the Wrist and Hand
    Carlos Heras-Palou and Frank Burke
    Clip 72.1: Examination of the Hand
    Frank Burke
    Clip 72.2: Examination of the Hand and Wrist
    Frank Burke
    73 Anesthesia and Pain Management in Hand Surgery
    Wilberto Cortés and William Dzwierzynski
    74 Mutilating Hand Trauma and Compartment Syndromes
    Kodi K. Azari and W. P. Andrew Lee
    75 Congenital Anomalies of the Hand
    Warren Hammert and Jeffrey N. Lawton
    Clip 75.1: Syndactyly Release
    Kevin C. Chung

    76 Fingernail and Fingertip Injuries
    Bradon J. Wilhelmi and Elvin G. Zook
    77 I ntrinsic Flaps of the Hand
    Michael W. Neumeister

    78 Metacarpal and Phalangeal Fractures
    Norman Weinzweig and Jeffrey Weinzweig
    79 Finger Instabilities and Ligamentous Injuries
    Philip Blazar

    80 Wrist Fractures
    Kenji Kawamura and Kevin C. Chung
    81 Dislocations and Perilunate Injuries of the Carpus
    Lawrence Lin and Steven L. Moran
    82 Fractures of the Radius and Ulna
    Steven C. Haase and Kevin C. Chung
    83 Arthroscopy
    Michael E. Pannunzio and Lance A. Rettig
    84 Distal Radioulnar Joint
    Kai Megerle and Michael Sauerbier

    85 Flexor Tendons
    Jin Bo Tang
    Clip 85.1: Two Stage Flexor Tendon Reconstruction
    Kevin C. Chung
    86 Extensor Tendons
    James Chang
    87 Tendon Transfers
    W. Bradford Rockwell and Colette A. Stern

    88 Infections Including Tenosynovitis of the Hand and Forearm
    Scott F. M. Duncan and Anthony Smith

    89 Soft Tissue and Joint Contractures
    Charles A. Goldfarb and Martin I. Boyer
    90 Dupuytren’s Disease
    Achilleas Thoma, Sheila Sprague and Paula McKay

    91 Brachial Plexus
    Lynda J. S. Yang and Kevin C. Chung
    92 Nerve Repair and Nerve Grafting
    Paul S. Cederna and Kevin C. Chung
    93 Nerve Compression Disorders of the Upper Extremity
    Steven McCabe
    Clip 93.1: Carpal Tunnel Release
    Kevin C. Chung
    Clip 93.2: Ulnar Nerve Transposition
    Kevin C. Chung

    94 Amputations and Replantations
    S. Raja Sabapathy
    95 Free Tissue Transfer
    Seongeon Kim and Kevin C. Chung

    96 Thumb Reconstruction
    Aymeric Lim and Sandeep Sebastin

    97 Degenerative Arthritis of Hand and Wrist
    Randip R. Bindra and Pramod Nelluri
    Clip 97.1: Ligament Reconstruction for Unstable Thumb CMC Joint/Littler Procedure
    Kevin C. Chung
    Clip 97.2: APL Reconstruction for Thumb CMC Arthritis
    Kevin C. Chung
    98 Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Kevin C. Chung

    99 Benign and Malignant Soft Tissue and Bone Tumors in the Upper Extremity
    Harish S. Hosalkar, Jennifer Goebel, Jonas L. Matzon and Benjamin Chang

    100 Vascular Injuries and Disorders of the Upper Extremity
    David T. Netscher, Nicholas A. Fiore II and B. Allen Rodgers
    101 Regional Pain Syndrome
    Christine J. Cheng

    102 Management of Hand Burns and Frostbites
    Günter Germann and Christoph Czermak

    Aesthetic Surgery
    103 Patient Assessment
    Bahman Guyuron
    104 Skin Care Including Chemical Peeling
    Zoe Diana Draelos
    105 Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation with Fillers
    Brian M. Kinney, David J. Rowe and David Stepnick
    Clip 105.1: Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation with Fillers
    Brian M. Kinney
    106 Botulinum Toxin
    Michael A. C. Kane
    Clip 106.1: Botulinum Toxin
    Bahman Guyuron
    107 Laser Facial Resurfacing and Dermabrasion
    Richard O. Gregory
    Clip 107.1: Laser Resurfacing and Dermabrasion
    Thomas E. Rohrer
    108 Management of Alopecia
    Jack Fisher
    Clip 108.1: Hair Transplantation
    Robin Unger and Walter Unger
    109 Forehead Rejuvenation
    Bahman Guyuron
    Clip 109.1: Forehead Rejuvenation
    Bahman Guyuron
    110 Periorbital Rejuvenation
    Bahman Guyuron and Donald T. Hudak
    Clip 110.1: Periorbital Rejuvenation
    Bahman Guyuron
    111 Facelift with SMAS Flaps
    Timothy J. Marten
    Clip 111.1: High SMAS Face and Mid-face Lift
    Brian M. Kinney
    112 Neck Rejuvenation
    Patrick K. Sullivan and Erik A. Hoy
    Clip 112.1: Neck Contouring
    Bahman Guyuron
    113 Primary Rhinoplasty
    Rod J. Rohrich and Ronald E. Hoxworth
    Clip 113.1: Primary Rhinoplasty
    Rod J. Rohrich
    114 S econdary Rhinoplasty
    Bahman Guyuron and David Stepnick
    115 Genioplasty
    Bahman Guyuron and Adam Bryce Weinfeld
    Clip 115.1: Genioplasty
    Bahman Guyuron
    116 Aesthetic Contouring of the Craniofacial Skeleton
    Michael J. Yaremchuk
    Clip 116.1: Chin Augmentation with Porous Implants
    Michael J. Yaremchuk
    Clip 116.2: Mandible Augmentation with Porous Implants
    Michael J. Yaremchuk
    117 Augmentation of Facial Structures with Autologous Fat
    Sydney R. Coleman and Alesia P. Saboeiro
    118 Breast Augmentation
    Per Hedén
    Clip 118.1: Breast Augmentation
    Per Hedén
    119 Breast Reduction
    Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay
    Clip 119.1: Breast Reduction
    Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay
    120 Mastopexy
    G. Patrick Maxwell, Jeremy Waldman and Stephanie Stover
    Clip 120.1: Mastopexy
    Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay
    121 Liposculpture
    Fabio X. Nahas, Marcus Vinicius Jardini Barbosa and Lydia
    Masako Ferreira
    Clip 121.1: Liposculpture
    Fabio X. Nahas
    122 Abdominoplasty
    Al S. Aly, Silvia Cristina Meneghetti Rotemberg and
    Albert E. Cram
    Clip 122.1: Abdominoplasty
    Al S. Aly
    123 Bodylifts and Post-massive Weight Loss Body Contouring
    J. Peter Rubin and Jeffrey Gusenoff
    Clip 123.1: Post Bariatric Surgery Skin Tightening
    J. Peter Rubin
    124 Surgical Management of Migraine Headaches
    Bahman Guyuron and Devra B. Becker



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