Plasma Diagnostics, 2 book cover

Plasma Diagnostics, 2

Surface Analysis and Interactions

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Scientists and engineers who work with plasma in microelectronics, fusion, and space technology; graduate students in these areas.


Published: February 1989

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-067636-1


  • "This is a useful introductory reference book for workers in plasma-based etching and deposition, surface modifications and fusion. The book is a very good compilation of authoritative review chapters on current uses of surface sensitive probes to plasma diagnostics. Plasma science and technology are highly interdisciplinary fields, and this book provides interesting different perspectives on how to approach the study of a surface interacting with a plasma. It should serve as a good starting point for physicists, chemists, or materials scientists who would like to become familiar with this area."


  • OF VOLUME 2: J.W. Coburn, Quartz Crystal Microbalances for Studies of Plasma-Surface Interactions. D.L. Smith, H.P. Gillis, and T.M. Mayer, Elemental Analysis of Treated Surfaces. D.E. Aspnes and R.P.H. Chang, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry in Plasma Processing. B.L. Doyle and W.-K. Chu, Ion Beam Analysis of Plasma-Exposed Surfaces. P.C. Stangeby, The Interpretation of Plasma Probes for Fusion Experiments. B.K. Bein and J. Pelzl, Analysis of Surfaces Exposed to Plasmas by Non-Destructive Photoacoustic and Photothermal Techniques.


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