Plant Virus-Host Interaction book cover

Plant Virus-Host Interaction

Molecular Approaches and Viral Evolution

Plant Virus-Host Interaction contains cutting-edge research in plant molecular virology, including pathogenic viroids and transport by insect vectors, interference with transmission to control viruses, and synergism, with pivotal coverage of RNA silencing and the counter-defensive strategies used by viruses to overcome the silencing response in plants.

With a clear focus on plant virus evolution, including quantitative and population genetics, Plant Virus-Host Interaction provides insights on the major factors favoring disease emergence, such as genetic change in pathogen and host populations and changes in host ecology and environment. The book also examines socioeconomic implications of widespread plant viral agents. Contributions from leading experts around the globe provide varied perspectives, while comprehensive coverage ensures a complete look at this exciting field.

Researchers in basic and applied plant virology, plant pathology, microbiology, genetics and molecular biology, biological control, ecology, evolution, and related aspects of plant science; upper-level graduate students of plant virology

Hardbound, 430 Pages

Published: January 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-411584-2


  • "Thomas Hohn is definitively a leading researcher in plant host-virus interaction. This is a guarantee for quality."


  • 1. An overview of RNA silencing in plants against viruses: the fine tuning of defense and counter defense forces
    2. Role of RNA silencing in the turnip crinkle virus-arabidopsis interaction
    3. Alteration of host-encoded miRNAs in virus infected plants - experimentally verified
    4. Host - virus - vector interactions with reference to banana infecting viruses
    5. Geminivirus – whitefly interactions at the biological, molecular and genomic levels
    6. Hosts and non-hosts in plant virology and the effect of plant viruses on host plants
    7. Interference with insect transmission to control plant pathogenic viruses
    8. Transmission and host interaction  of geminivius  in weeds
    9. Tombusvirus-induced multivesicular bodies: origin and role in virus-host interaction
    10. Indian cassava mosaic virus and its vector
    11. Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) and papaya leaf curl virus (PLCV)
    12. Synergism in plant virus- host interactions: a case study of CMV and PVY in tomato
    13. Stability, transmission and host-interaction of papaya lethal yellowing virus in papaya
    14. Establishment of endogenous pararetroviruses in the rice genome
    15. Volatile organic compounds in plant virus-host interaction
    16. Diversity of latent plant virus interactions and their impact on virosphere
    17. Plant pathogenic viroids and the transport by insect vectors to crops in agriculture
    18. Liberibacters causing greening in citrus and emerging hosts
    19. Pathogen and non-pathogen derived resistance in crops against begomovirus
    20. Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) up-regulates translation reinitiation of its pregenomic polycistronic 35S RNA via interaction with the cell translational machinery
    21. Molecular mechanism of begomovirus evolution and plant defense response
    22. Impact of host on plant virus evolution
    23. Chloroplast alteration induced by plant virus
    24. Virus-virus interactions


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