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Plant Virology

The seminal text Plant Virology is now in its fifth edition. It has been 10 years since the publication of the fourth edition, during which there has been an explosion of conceptual and factual advances. The fifth edition of Plant Virology updates and revises many details of the previous edition while retaining the important earlier results that constitute the field's conceptual foundation. Revamped art, along with fully updated references and increased focus on molecular biology, transgenic resistance, aphid transmission, and new, cutting-edge topics, bring the volume up to date and maintain its value as an essential reference for researchers and students in the field.

Researchers and students in plant virology and pathology, as well as other branches of virology (animal, bacterial, etc.).

Hardbound, 1118 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-384871-0


  • "...a refreshing addition to the agricultural and plant sciences literature...A summary of information on taxonomy, biological properties, and genome organization of plant viruses in an appendix is especially valuable... Summing Up: Highly recommended."--CHOICE Reviews Online,Nov 01 2014

    "...this book is still unique, being the most comprehensive survey of classic and modern plant virology."--JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY (August 2005)
    "The book is strong in its coverage of recent developments. This is a book for the advanced student and researcher."-Ron Fraser for MICROBIOLOGY TODAY (2002)


  • Section I Introduction
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Nomenclature and Classification of plant viruses
    Chapter 3: Structure and assembly
    Chapter 4: Symptoms and host range
    Chapter 5: Agents resembling or altering virus diseases
    Section II Virus-Plant-Vector; Molecular mechanisms and interactions
    Chapter 6: Genome composition, organization and gene expression
    Chapter 7 Replication of plant viruses
    Chapter 8 Origins and Evolution of Plant Viruses
    Chapter 9 Virus-plant interactions: RNA silencing
    Chapter 10: Movement of viruses within plants
    Chapter 11 Virus-plant interactions in non-permissive and permissive hosts
    Chapter 12 Plant to plant movement
    Section III Applied aspects
    Chapter 13 Assay, detection, and diagnosis and diagnosis of plant viruses
    Chapter 14 Ecology, epidemiology and control of plant viruses
    Chapter 15 Plant viruses and technology
    Section IV Plant virus viromics
    Chapter 16 Plant virus viromics: involvement of genomes of three organisms - virus, host, vector
    Appendix A Profiles of Families and Genera of Plant Viruses
    Appendix B Plant Virus biological properties
    Appendix C Plant virus genomes
    Appendix D Plant virus acronyms


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