Plant Growth and Development

Hormones and Environment


  • Lalit Srivastava, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

This book provides current information on synthesis of plant hormones, how their concentrations are regulated, and how they modulate various plant processes. It details how plants sense and tolerate such factors as drought, salinity, and cold temperature, factors that limit plant productivity on earth. It also explains how plants sense two other environmental signals, light and gravity, and modify their developmental patterns in response to those signals. This book takes the reader from basic concepts to the most up-to-date thinking on these topics.
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Advanced undergraduates and graduate students, faculty, and researchers in plant sciences, forestry, agricultural sciences, botany, plant developmental biology, plant physiology, and ecology.


Book information

  • Published: July 2002
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-660570-9


"This a considerable tour de force, a remarkable effort by one person, and I applaud the manner in which the author has co-opted more than 40 people from all over the globe to assist in strengthening a wide diversity of topics. The coverage is comprehensive leaving very few aspects of growth and development untouched...There is a healthy mix of older and new science employing a diversity of disciplines including physiology, biochemistry, genetics, mutants and molecular biology, all of which are well illustrated...The book will be a very valuable reference for many years to come and deserves a place in every library." -Jake Jacobsen, CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia "Without hesitation I can say that I am very impressed with both the breadth and depth of the subject matter...I find it quite remarkable that one author has achieved such an accomplished piece writing...This book fills a very important and long-standing requirement for a modern, readable and challenging text on plant growth and development." -Derek Bowley, University of Guelph, Canada "The author has filled this gap by writing an excellent, comprehensive book that addresses beginning graduate students and researchers in the plant sciences...I am convinced it will become a classic!" -U. Kutschera, Universit├Ąt Kassel, Germany "The book covers a huge breadth of topics and ranges in depth of coverage from careful descriptions of basic principles and experimental techniques to accounts of some of the most recent research developments." -Richard Hooley, University of Bath, U.K. "This book should be favorably received by scientists both in and outside of plant growth and development field. Its coverage is extensive and up-to-date...I am amazed at [the author's] ability to keep up with so many fast-changing fields...In my opinion, it is a book that professors and graduate students in growth and development will want to have on their shelves." -Robert E. Cleland, University of Washington, U.S.A.

Table of Contents

Preface SECTION I SOME SPECIAL ASPECTS OF PLANT GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTCHAPTER 1 Special Features of Plant DevelopmentCHAPTER 2 Cell Wall, Cell Division, and Cell GrowthCHAPTER 3 EmbryogenesisCHAPTER 4 Determination, Differentiation, and Dedifferentiation in PlantsAPPENDIX 1 Molecular and Genetic Tools for Study of Plant DevelopmentSECTION II STRUCTURE AND METABOLISM OF PLANT HORMONESCHAPTER 5 General Features of Plant Hormones, Their Analysis, and QuantitationCHAPTER 6 AuxinsCHAPTER 7 GibberellinsCHAPTER 8 CytokininsCHAPTER 9 BrassinosteroidsCHAPTER 10 Abscisic AcidCHAPTER 11 EthyleneCHAPTER 12 Jasmonates and Other Defense-Related CompoundsAPPENDIX 2 Microbial Synthesis of Plant HormonesSECTION III HORMONAL REGULATION OF DEVELOPMENTAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESSESCHAPTER 13 Uptake and Transport of HormonesCHAPTER 14 Apical Dominance and Some Other Phenomena Illustrating Correlative Effects of HormonesCHAPTER 15 Hormonal Regulation of Cell Division and Cell GrowthCHAPTER 16 Abscisic Acid and Stress Tolerance in PlantsCHAPTER 17 Fruit Development and RipeningCHAPTER 18 Seed Development and MaturationCHAPTER 19 Seed Germination, Mobilization of Food Reserves, and Seed DormancyCHAPTER 20 Vegetative Storage Proteins, Tuberization, Senescence, and AbscissionAPPENDIX 3 Seed Food Reserves and Their AccumulationSECTION IV MOLECULAR BASIS OF HORMONE ACTIONCHAPTER 21 Ethylene Signal Perception And TransductionCHAPTER 22 Auxin Signal Perception and TransductionCHAPTER 23 Abscisic Acid Signal Perception and TransductionCHAPTER 24 Molecular Biology o f Action of Gibberellins, Cytokinins, Brassinosteroids, and JasmonatesCHAPTER 25 Signal Transduction in PlantsAPPENDIX 4 Hormone-Binding Assays and Protein PurificationSECTION V ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION OF PLANT GROWTHCHAPTER 26 Photoperception and SignalingCHAPTER 27 Tropic and Nontropic Responses to Environmental SignalsIndex