Plant Energetics


  • Octavian Ksenzhek, Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology
  • Alexander Volkov, University of California

Emphasizing the physical and technological aspects of plant energetics, this comprehensive book covers a significant interdisciplinary research area for a broad range of investigators. Plant Energetics presentsthe thermodynamics of energy processes in plants, their interconnection and arrangement, and the estimation of intrinsic energy needs of the plant connected with performing various physiological functions. The book also demonstrates the role of electrical and electrochemical processes in the plants life cycle.Plant Energetics incorporates such diverse themes as thermodynamics, biophysics, and bioelectrochemistry with applications in horticulture and ecology. It also discusses the roles and mechanisms of both quantum and thermophysical processes of theconversion of solar energy by plants, including photosynthesis and long distance transport.Comprehensive details of value to basic and applied researchers dealing with photosynthesis, agriculture, horticulture, bioenergetics, biophysics, photobiology, and plant physiology make Plant Energetics an informative, one-stop resource that willsave time and energy in your search for the latest information.
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Upper division undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in plant physiology, biophysics, bioelectrochemistry, biochemistry, and ecology.


Book information

  • Published: January 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-427350-4

Table of Contents

Light. Fluxes of Solar Radiation and Absorption of Light by Plants. Arrangement of Energy Processes in the Plants. Problems of Integration and Hierarchy of Structures. Thermodynamics of Energy Conversion by Plants. Electrochemistry and Processes of Energy Conversion in Plants. Photochemistry of Photosynthesis and Mechanism of Oxygen Evolution. Energetics of Dark Respiration and Mechanism of Cytochrome Oxidase Functioning. Plants and the Atmosphere: Heat and Moisture Exchange. Energetics of Permeation of Molecules and Ions across Membranes. Transpiration Stream. Entropy Balance of the Plant. Electrical Signals and Long Distance Communication in Plants. Artificial Photosynthesis in Organized Assemblies of Photosynthetic Pigments.The Man and the Plant. Subject Index.