Plankton of Inland Waters

Edited By

  • Gene E. Likens

A derivative of the Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, Plankton of Inland Waters covers protists, bacteria, fungi, algae, and zooplankton as well as the functional and system interactions of planktonic and attached forms in aquatic ecosystems. Because the articles are drawn from an encyclopedia, the articles are easily accessible to interested members of the public, such as conservationists and environmental decision makers.
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Professionals and teachers in the fields of limnology, aquatic ecology, environmental engineering, hydrology and environmental science.


Book information

  • Published: May 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-381994-9

Table of Contents

Introduction to the plankton of inland waters, G. E.  Likens

Protists, Bacteria and Fungi: Planktonic and Attached
 Archaea, E.O. Casamayor, C.M. Borrego
 Bacteria, Attached to Surfaces, J.-F. Carrias, T. Sime-Ngando
 Bacteria, Bacterioplankton, R.D. Robarts, G.M. Carr
 Bacteria, Distribution and Community Structure, A.C. Yannarell, A.D. Kent
 Fungi, Pages 233-243, V. Gulis, K.A. Kuehn, K. Suberkropp
 Protists, R.W. Sanders
 Sulfur Bacteria, A. Camacho
 Viruses, P. Peduzzi, B. Luef

Algae (Including Cyanobacteria): Planktonic and Attached
 Algae, L. Krienitz
 The Phycogeography of Freshwater Algae, J. Padisák
 Algae of River Ecosystems, R.J. Stevenson
 Chrysophytes - Golden Algae, J. Kristiansen
 Cyanoprokaryota and Other Prokaryotic Algae, A. Sukenik, T. Zohary, J. Padisák
 Cyanobacteria, W.F. Vincent
 Diatoms, S. Sabater
 Green Algae, L. Naselli-Flores, R. Barone
 Other Phytoflagellates and Groups of Lesser Importance, N. Salmaso, M. Tolotti
 Photosynthetic Periphyton and Surfaces, M.E. Azim

 Rotifera, R.L. Wallace, H.A. Smith
 Cladocera, J.E. Havel
 Copepoda, C.E. Williamson, J.W. Reid Fox
 Other Zooplankton, L.G. Rudstam
 Cyclomorphosis and Phenotypic Changes, Pages 643-650, C. Laforsch, R. Tollrian
 Diel Vertical Migration, Pages 651-658, L.D. Meester
 Egg Banks, Pages 659-666, N.G. Hairston Jr., J.A.
 Competition and Predation, Z.M. Gliwicz

Ecosystem Interactions:
 Phytoplankton Nutrition and Related Mixotrophy, J.A. Raven, S.C. Maberly
 Chemosynthesis, A. Enrich-Prast, D. Bastviken, P. Crill
 Phytoplankton Population Dynamics: Concepts and Performance Measurement, Reynolds
 Phytoplankton Population Dynamics in Natural Environments, C.S. Reynolds
 Phytoplankton Productivity, M.T. Dokulil, C. Kaiblinger
 Comparative Primary Production, M.T. Dokulil
 Eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs, V. Istvánovics
 Role of Zooplankton in Aquatic Ecosystems, R.W.
 Microbial Food Webs, J. Pernthaler, T. Posch
 Trophic Dynamics in Aquatic Ecosystems, U. Gaedke
 Harmful Algal Blooms, Pages 264-285, J.M. Burkholder