Planets and Moons

Treatise on Geophysics

Edited By

  • Tilman Spohn, DLR Institut fur Planetenforschung, Berlin, Germany

Planets and Moons covers topics relating to the physics of the major planetary bodies in the solar system, starting with an introductory description of the solar system and collection of pertinent data, continuing with a discussion of the early history of the planets, and finishing with articles about planet dynamics, thermal evolution of planets and satellites, and descriptions of their magnetic fields and the processes that generate them. In addition to providing a review on the solid planets and the satellites, this volume addresses the interactions of solid surfaces and atmospheres as well as the roles of water and ice in shaping the surfaces of planetary bodies. 
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Book information

  • Published: August 2009
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53465-1

Table of Contents

10.01 Overview, Pages 1-26, 10.02 Interior Structure, Composition, and Mineralogy of the Terrestrial Planets, 10.03 Planetary Seismology, 10.04 The Rotation of the Terrestrial Planets, 10.05 Gravity and Topography of the Terrestrial Planets, 10.06 Exogenic Dynamics, Cratering and Surface Ages, 10.07 Planetary Magnetism, 10.08 Planetary Dynamos, 10.09 Dynamics and Thermal History of the Terrestrial Planets, the Moon, and Io, 10.10 Solid Planet?Atmosphere Interactions, 10.11 Water on the Terrestrial Planets, 10.12 Geology, Life and Habitability, 10.13 Giant Planets, 10.14 The Origin of the Natural Satellites, 10.15 Interiors and Evolution of Icy Satellites, 10.16 Pluto, Charon, and the Kuiper Belt Objects, 10.17 Mission Analysis Issues for Planetary Exploration Missions, 10.18 Instrumentation for Planetary Exploration Missions.