Pierson and Fairchild

Pierson and Fairchild's Principles & Techniques of Patient Care

Build your physical and occupational therapy patient care skills on a foundation of the proven practices found in this must-read text. In addition to clear "how-to" information on everything from positioning and draping, to patient transfer and ambulation activities, the book’s easy-to-understand rationales will give you the "why" behind these proven techniques. This fifth edition also comes with new student resources on the companion Evolve site complete with videos, case studies, skills checklists, and more.


Published: March 2012

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-4984-3


  • 1. Preparation Patient Care Activities

    2. Approaches to Infection Control

    3. Assessment of Vital Signs

    4. Body Mechanics

    5. Positioning and Draping

    6. Chapter Basic Exercise: Passive and Active

    7. Features and Activities of Wheeled Mobility Aids

    8. Transfer Activities

    9. Ambulation Aids, Patterns, and Activities

    10. Special Equipment and Patient Care Environments

    11. Basic Wound Care and Specialized Interventions

    12. Incidents and Emergencies

    13. Americans with Disabilities Act: A Review



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