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Physician Assistant: A Guide to Clinical Practice

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Here’s the only book dedicated to giving you the complete information that you need to become an effective Physician Assistant and maintain those high standards in practice. This up-to-date edition covers all aspects of the physician assistant profession, the PA curriculum, and the PA's role in practice, all in an easy-to-use textbook format that features convenient tables and clear illustrations, as well as case studies and clinical application questions. You’ll find this book invaluable throughout your course of study, when entering the job market, and as an excellent reference in clinical practice. And, with this Expert Consult title, you’ll be able to search the entire contents of the book, online, from anywhere.

Physician Assistants


Published: May 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-4485-7


  • Section I Overview

    Chapter 1: History of the Profession and Current Trends, Ruth Ballweg

    Chapter 2: International Development of Physician Assistants, Roderick S. Hooker

    Chapter 3: Education, Dawn Morton-Rias and Jim Hammond

    Chapter 4: Credentialing: Accreditation, Certification, Licensing, and Privileging, Constance Goldgar, Dan Crouse, and Donald M. Pedersen

    Chapter 5: Financing and Reimbursement Systems, Michael Powe

    Chapter 6: The Political Process, Nicole Gara and Ann Davis

    Section II Medical Knowledge

    Chapter 7: Safety in Clinical Settings, Darwin Brown

    Chapter 8: Utilizing Diagnostic Studies, David R. Buck and Geraldine A. Buck

    Chapter 9: Clinical Procedures, Edward M. Sullivan

    Chapter 10: Genetics in Primary Care, Constance Goldgar, Michael Rackover, and Chantelle Wolpert

    Chapter 11: Chronic Care Perspectives, Virginia Hass and Mindy Milton

    Chapter 12: Pharmacology: The Use of Medications, Henry Stoll

    Chapter 13: Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Emily WhiteHorse

    Section III Interpersonal and Communication Skills

    Chapter 14: Patient Record, Richard R. Rahr

    Chapter 15: Interviewing and Communication Skills, Paul Lombardo and Sherrey Stolberg

    Section IV Patient Care

    Chapter 16: Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Patient Education, Walter A. Eisenhauer and Anna Mae Smith

    Chapter 17: Family Practice, Lynda White and Nelson Herlihy

    Chapter 18: Internal Medicine, Timothy C. Evans

    Chapter 19: Physician Assistants in Hospital Medicine, H. William MaHaffy

    Chapter 20: Emergency Medicine, David J. Pillow, Jr. and Edward M. Sullivan

    Chapter 21: Pediatrics, Linda M. Dale

    Chapter 22: Obstetrics and Gynecology, J. Kirkland Grant and Edward M. Sullivan

    Chapter 23: Surgery, Timothy J. King and Edward M. Sullivan

    Chapter 24: Orthopedics, Patrick C. Auth

    Chapter 25: Dermatology, P. Eugene Jones and Kristine J. Kucera

    Chapter 26: Oncology, Debra S. Munsell

    Chapter 27: Infectious Disease, Durward A. Watson

    Chapter 28: Geriatric Medicine, Veyjeyanthi S. Periyakoil, Steven Johnson, and Gwen Yeo

    Chapter 29: Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Maryann Ramos

    Chapter 30: Behavioral Science and Medicine: Essentials in Practice, F. J. Gino Gianola, Ky Haverkamp, and H. James Lurie

    Chapter 31: Patients with Disabilities, Lisa Southwick and Mary Vacala

    Chapter 32: End of Life Issues, Barbara Coombs Lee and Bryanne L. Jones

    Chapter 33: Public Health Emergencies, Martha Petersen and Linda Allison

    Section V Professionalism

    Chapter 34: Professionalism, William C. Kohlhepp, Tony Brenneman, and Paul Robinson

    Chapter 35: Clinical Ethics, F. J. Gianola and Keren H. Wick

    Chapter 36: Medical Malpractice and Risk Management, R. Monty Cary and James L. Cary

    Chapter 37: Employment: Building Your Career, Wallace D. Boeve and Donald M. Pedersen

    Chapter 38: Postgraduate Residency Programs, David P. Asprey

    Chapter 39: Dealing with Stress and Burnout, Ruth Ballweg

    Section VI Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

    Chapter 40: Evidence-Based Medicine, Anita Duhl Glicken

    Chapter 41: Research and the Physician Assistant, J. Dennis Blessing

    Chapter 42: Utilizing Consultants and Community Resources, Albert Simon and Ernest L. Stump

    Chapter 43: Health Disparities, Diane Dixon Abercrombie

    Section VII Systems-Based Practice

    Chapter 44: The Uninsured: Challenges and Solutions, Ruth Ballweg and Keren H. Wick

    Chapter 45: Inpatient Systems, Kenneth R. Harbert

    Chapter 46: Ambulatory Systems, Roderick S. Hooker

    Chapter 47: Rehabilitative and Long-Term Care Systems, Kathy A. Kemle

    Chapter 48: Health Care for the Homeless, Dawn Morton-Rias

    Chapter 49: Correctional Medicine, R. Scott Chavez

    Chapter 50: Military Medicine, John L. Chitwood

    Chapter 51: Inner City Health Care, F. J. Gino Gianola, Howard Straker, and Tom Byers

    Chapter 52: Rural Health Care, Steve Meltzer

    Chapter 53: International Health Care, David H. Kuhns

    Appendix: Physician Assistant Competencies


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