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Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete

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Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete is a medical reference book that equips you to apply today’s hottest strategies in non-operative sports rehabilitation, so you can help your patients return to play as quickly and fully as possible.


Sports medicine


Hardbound, 632 Pages

Published: January 2012

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4377-2411-0


  • Section I: Foundational Concepts in Rehabilitation

    1 Psychological Factors in Rehabilitation

    2 Physiological Factors in Rehabilitation

    3 Developing Treatment Pathways

    4 Principles of Rehabilitation

    5 Measurement in Rehabilitation

    6 Range of Motion and Flexibility

    7 Principles of Rehabilitation for Muscle and Tendon Injuries

    8 Therapeutic Modalities as an Adjunct to Rehabilitation

    9 Rehabilitation Considerations for the Female Athlete

    10 Biomechanical Implications in Shoulder and Knee Rehabilitation

    11 Aquatic Rehabilitation

    Section II: Upper Extremity

    12 Shoulder Rehabilitation

    13 Rehabilitation of Elbow Injuries

    14 Rehabilitation of Wrist and Hand Injuries

    Section III: Spine

    15 Temporomandibular Joint

    16 Cervical Spine Rehabilitation

    17 Low Back Rehabilitation

    Section IV: Lower Extremity

    18 Rehabilitation of Thigh Injuries

    19 Knee Rehabilitation

    20 Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot Rehabilitation

    21 Clinical Gait Assessment

    Section V: Restoration of Athletic Performance

    22 Functional Movement Assessment

    23 Functional Training and Advanced Rehabilitation

    24 Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control

    25 Application of Isokinetics in Testing and Rehabilitation

    26 Plyometric Training and Drills


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