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Photorefractive Materials

The papers presented here reflect the core of the scientific activities that took place at the 1994 E-MRS conference. The contributions indicate that the field of photorefractive materials is advancing vigorously, moving into new classes of compounds, finding ways for the judicious tailoring of the microscopic properties of the materials - based on increased insight into the features of defects or quantum wells - and leading to new applications, often made possible by the advances at the forefront of the materials. The many papers presented by European participants emphasised the large amount of work being carried out here. Stimulating contributions also came from the United States and Japan, while papers presented by members from the industrial world indicate the importance of the field in this sector.


Published: March 1995

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-82167-6


  • Summary of: (Please contact the publisher for a complete listing of papers) Preface. Insulating Materials: Growth and Characterization. Bulk Materials for the Infrared. Photorefractive Characterization. Quantum Wells and New Materials. Applications of the Photorefractive Effect.


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