Photoreactive Organic Thin Films book cover

Photoreactive Organic Thin Films

Hardbound, 559 Pages

Published: October 2002

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-635490-4


  • Part A - Photoisomerization and Photo-Orientation of Azobenzenes1. Photoisomerization of Benzenes2. Ultrafast Dynamics in the Excited States of Azo Compounds3. Photo-Orientation by PhotoisomerizationPart B - Photoisomerization in Organic Thin Films4. Photoisomerization and Photo-orientation of Azo Dye in Films of Polymer: Molecualr Interaction, Free Volume, and Polymer Structural Effects5. Chrial Polymers with Photoaffected Phase Behavior for Optical Data Storage6. Photoisomerization in Langmuir-Blodget-Kuhn Structures7. Electronic and Optical Transduction of Photoisomerization Processes at Molecualr - and Bimolecular-Functionalized SurfacesPart C - Photochemistry and Organic Nonlinear Optics8. Photoisomerization Effects in Organic Nonlinear Optics: Photo-Assisted Poling and Depoling and Polarizability Switching9. Photoisomerization in Polymer Films in the Presence of Electrostatic and Optical Fields10. Photoassisted Poling and Photoswitching of NLO Properties of Spiropyrans and other Photochromic Molecules in Polymers and Crystals11. All Optical Poling in Polymers and Applications12. Photoinduced Third Order Nonlinear Optical Phenomena in Azo-Dye PolymersPart D - Optical Manipulation and Memory13. Photoinduced Motions in Azobenzene-Based Polymers14. Surface Relief Gratings on Azobenzene-Containing Films15. Dynamic Photocontrols of Molecular Organization and Motion of Materials by Two-Dimensionally Arranged Azobenzene Assemblies16. 3-D Data Storage and Near Field Recording17. Synthesis and Applications of Amorphous DiarylethenesIndex


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