Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces

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  • M. Anpo
  • T. Matsuura

The latest developments in photochemistry on solid surfaces, i.e. photochemistry in heterogeneous systems, including liquid crystallines, are brought together for the first time in a single volume. Distinguished photochemists from various fields have contributed to the book which covers a number of important applications: molecular photo-devices for super-memory, photochemical vapor deposition to produce thin-layered electronic semiconducting materials, sensitive optical media, the control of photochemical reactions pathways, etc. Photochemistry on solid surfaces is now a major field and this book which provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the subject will be of interest to a wide range of readers.
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Book information

  • Published: June 1989
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-87413-9


This book is of interest for those concerned with the role of oxidation processes in industrial applications as well as for researchers in chemistry and biochemistry, giving an exhaustive account of the recent advancements in this interdisciplinary area.
Anali di Chimica

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. Introduction (I. Tanaka). General aspects of photochemistry. Search for new basic types of photochemical reactions (K. Tokumaru et al.). 2. Photochemical Techniques to Understand Photochemical and Photophysical Features on Solid Surfaces. Fluorescence and transient absorption spectra of solid surface: development of time-resolved total internal reflection spectroscopy (H. Masuhara). Laser flash photolysis on solid surfaces (F. Wilkinson, G.P. Kelly). Excimer formation with pyrenes on silica surfaces (K.A. Zachariasse). Photophysics of acridone, N-methylacridone, acridine, and pyrene adsorbed on silica gel (S. Suzuki, T. Fujii). Heterogeneous molecular environments probed by fluorophores bonded to chemically modified silica gel: Fluorescence decay measurements under a microscope (S. Hirayama et al.). Photoacoustic and fluorescence measurements of energy transfer in adsorption layers (H.D. Breuer). 3. Specific Features of Photochemical Reactions on Solid Surfaces. Photochemistry of alkyl ketones in the adsorbed state: effects of solid surfaces upon the photolysis (M. Anpo). Decomposition of azocumene on silica surfaces (J.E. Leffler, J.J. Zupancic). Photolytic and redox mechanisms for the photodecomposition of ethanoic acid adsorbed over pure and mixed oxides (M. Schiavello et al.). ESR studies of alkyl radicals adsorbed on porous vycor glass (H.D. Gesser). Chemiluminescence properties of adsorbed biacridylidenes (K. Maeda, S. Yamada). 4. New Developments of Organic Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces. Photochemistry of dibenzyl ketone adsorbed on size/shape selective faujasite zeolites: steric effects on product distributions (N.J. Turro, Z. Zhang). Photochemistry of organic cations at charged interfaces (C.A. Backer, D.G. Whitten). Electron transfer between adsorbed dye molecules and organic crystals: model character of the adsorption system for certain aspects in photosynthesis (K. Kemnitz et al.). 5. New Developments of Inorganic Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces. Inorganic photochemical reactions in low temperature matrices and in the surfaces of solids (T. Tominaga). Photochemistry of metal carbonyls physisorbed on porous vycor glass (H.D. Gafney). Photochemistry of silica-adsorbed Fe(CO)5 (R.L. Jackson). Photopreparation of supported metal oxide and metal carbonyl catalysts (A. Morikawa, Y. Wada). 6. Laser Induced Photoreactions and Photo-CVD on Solid Surfaces. UV laser photodissociation of small molecules on solid surfaces (H. Sato, M. Kawasaki). CO2 laser induced surface reaction (M. Kawai). Photochemical aspects of amorphous-Si nucleation by photo-CVD (H. Hada, M. Kawasaki). 7. Topics of Photochemistry on Semiconducting Materials. Photoprocesses on fractal surfaces (A. Seri-Levy et al.). New aspects in area-selective electrode reactions on illuminated semiconductors (M. Okano et al.). Photoluminescent properties of cadmium sulfide contacted with gaseous Lewis acids and bases (G.J. Meyer et al.). Fluorescence of dye molecules adsorbed on semiconductor surfaces (A.M. Ponte Goncalves). 8. Applications of Photochemistry to Optical Media. Photostability of near-infrared absorbing organic dyes in new optical media (H. Nakazumi, T. Kitao). Photoinduced phase transition in liquid crystals (S. Tazuke, S. Kurihara). Photochemical surface reactions of polymeric systems: lithographic applications (H. Hiraoka). 9. Recent Developments of Photochemistry in Liquid Crystals and Proteins. Photoreactivity of carbonyl compounds in the solid state (Y. Ito). Ketone photochemistry as a probe of conformational mobility in nematic and smectic liquid crystals (W.J. Leigh). Absolute asymmetric synthesis via photochemical reactions of chiral crystals (J.R. Scheffer, M. Garcia-Garibay). Fluorescence quenching of pyrene as a monitor of intermolecular diffusion and intramolecular chain bending in cholesteric liquid crystalline phases(1) (M.F. Sonnenschein, R.G. Weiss). Dynamics of excited state relaxations in some proteins (F. Tanaka, N. Mataga). Subject Index.