Phosphorous-31 NMR book cover

Phosphorous-31 NMR

Principles and Applications

Hardbound, 604 Pages

Published: February 1984

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-291750-9


  • Contributors.Preface.Introduction, D.G. Gorstein.Phosphorus-31 Chemical Shifts and Spin-Spin Coupling Constants: Principles and Empirical Observations:Phosphorus-31 Chemical Shifts: Principles and Empirical Observations, D.G. Gorenstein.Phosphorous-31 Spin-Spin Coupling Constants: Principles and Applications, D.G. Gorenstein.Theory and Applications of Phosphorus-31 NMR to Biochemistry:Phosphorus-31 NMR of Enzyme Complexes, B.D. Nageswara Rao.31P-NMR Studies of Phosphoproteins, H.J. Vogel.Paramagnetic Probes of Enzyme Complexes with Phosphorus-Containing Compounds, J.J. Villafranca.Use of Chiral Thiophosphates and the Stereochemistry of Enzymatic Phosphoryl Transfer, M.-D. Tsai.Use of Chiral [16O, 17O, 18O] Phosphate Esters to Determine the Stereochemical Course of Enzymatic Phosphoryl Transfer Reactions, J.A. Gerlt.DNA and RNA Conformations, C.-W. Chen and J.S. Cohen.High-Resolution 31P-NMR Spectroscopy of Transfer Ribonuclei Acids, D.G. Gorenstein.Phosphorus-31 NMR of Drug-Nucleic Acid Complexes, D.G. Gorenstein and E.M. Goldfield.Phosphorus Relaxation Methods: Conformation and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids and Phosphoproteins, P.A. Hart.Relaxation Behavior of Nucleic Acids: Dynamics and Structure, T.L. James.Solid-State Phosphorus-31 NMR: Theory and Application to Nucleic Acids, H. Shindo.Phosphorus-31 NMR of Phospholipids in Micelles, E.A. Dennis and A. Pluckthün.Phosphorus-31 NMR of Phospholipids in Membranes, I.C.P. Smith and I.H. Ekiel.Application to Biology and Medicine: Future Directions:Two-Dimensional Phosphorus-31 NMR, W.C. Hutton.Identification of Diseased States by Phosphorus-31 NMR, M. Bárány and T. Glonek .Selected Data:Appendixes: Selected Compilation of 31P-NMR Data, D.G. Gorenstein and D.O. Shah.Appendix I: Doubly Connected Phosphorus.Appendix II: Triply Connected Phosphorus.Appendix III: Quadruply Connected Phosphorus.Appendix IV: Quintuply Connected Phosphorus.Appendix V: Sextuply Connected Phosphorus.Index.


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