Phase Transformations in Steels

Fundamentals and Diffusion-Controlled Transformations

Edited by

  • Elena Pereloma, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • David Edmonds, University of Leeds, UK

The processing-microstructure-property relationships in steels continue to present challenges to researchers because of the complexity of phase transformation reactions and the wide spectrum of microstructures and properties achievable. This major two-volume work summarises the current state of research on phase transformations in steels and its implications for the emergence of new steels with enhanced engineering properties.

Volume 1 reviews fundamentals and diffusion-controlled phase transformations. After a historical overview, chapters in part one discuss fundamental principles of thermodynamics, diffusion and kinetics as well as phase boundary interfaces. Chapters in part two go on to consider ferrite formation, proeutectoid ferrite and cementite transformations, pearlite formation and massive austenite-ferrite phase transformations. Part three discusses the mechanisms of bainite transformations, including carbide-containing and carbide-free bainite. The final part of the book considers additional driving forces for transformation including nucleation and growth during austenite-to-ferrite phase transformations, dynamic strain-induced ferrite transformations (DIST) as well as the effects of magnetic fields and heating rates.

With its distinguished editors and distinguished international team of contributors, the two volumes of Phase transformations in steels is a standard reference for all those researching the properties of steel and developing new steels in such areas as automotive engineering, oil and gas and energy production.
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Scientists, metallurgical engineers and senior technicians in research and development laboratories, designers and fabricators, as well as academics and students.


Book information

  • Published: May 2012
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-970-3


"The two volumes represent a thorough study on this a better understanding on microstructural and mechanical behavior of steels, predict their lifetime evolution and act to prevent material degradation and significant environmental impacts."--International Journal of Environmental Studies, Vol 70, Issue 2-13

A new and comprehensive book on phase transformations is both timely and welcome. The various chapters bring nicely up-to-date the vast knowledge of steel transformations in the literature., Professor Ted Massalski, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (from the Foreword)
This book updates works on diffusion-controlled phase transformations in steels. Researchers will find it essential for reference., Materials World

Table of Contents

Part 1 Fundamentals of phase transformations: The historical development of phase transformations understanding in ferrous alloys; Thermodynamics of phase transformations in steels; Fundamentals of diffusion in phase transformations in steels; Kinetics of phase transformations in steels; Structure, energy and migration of phase boundaries in steels. Part 2 Diffusion-controlled transformations: Fundamentals of ferrite formation in steels; Proeutectoid ferrite and cementite transformations in steels; The formation of pearlite in steels; Nature and kinetics of the massive austenite-ferrite phase transformations in steels. Part 3 Bainite and diffusional-displacive transformations: Mechanisms of bainite transformation in steels; Carbide-containing bainite transformation in steels; Carbide-free bainite transformation in steels; Kinetics of bainite transformation in steels. Part 4 Additional driving forces for transformations: Nucleation and growth during the austenite-to-ferrite phase transformation in steels after plastic deformation; Dynamic strain-induced ferrite transformation (DIST) in steels; The effect of a magnetic field on phase transformations in steels; The effect of heating rate on phase transformations in steels and Fe-Ni-Based alloys.