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Pharmacy Law and Practice

The fifth edition of Pharmacy Law and Practice provides a straightforward and useable guide for students, practitioners, academics and others interested in pharmacy law and practice in the United Kingdom. This multi-dimensional book includes discussions of socio-political influences on legal developments to provide greater insight to the reader. It clearly sets out the background to regulatory issues together with simple and practical statements of what a pharmacist has to do to obey the law. As in previous editions, this book discusses topics thematically rather than by statute. It is a unique and reader-friendly guide that boils down the complex or difficult language of the law, describes the reasons behind it, and illustrates the application to pharmacy practice.


MPharm students and pre-registration students, practicing pharmacists and professors of pharmacy in the UK.  Secondary audiences may include pharmacy technicians, NHS professionals and lawyers specializing in pharmacy law.

Paperback, 570 Pages

Published: May 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-394289-0


  • "Written in plain language especially for pharmacy students and pharmacists without legal background, this reference/text examines the UK law related to pharmacy practice in a broad socio-political context and provides practical advice on how to follow regulatory guidelines… This fifth edition is completely revised in light of recent changes to the law. It offers new material on employment law, Internet pharmacies, controlled drugs, non-medical prescribing, and veterinary medicines."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013
    "This book on pharmacy law and practice describes the law rather than just listing the acts and cases that make up the law applying to community pharmacy. Many chapters further describe the law in great detail for various…areas of community pharmacy. Since new laws are always being implemented, each edition has been a complete rewrite. The previous edition was published in 2006.", December 20, 2013


  • Preface

    Chapter 1 - The National Health Service

    Chapter 2 - Administration of the NHS

    Chapter 3 - The Supply of NHS Pharmaceuticals

    Chapter 4 - The Drug Tariff

    Chapter 5 - Applications to Dispense NHS Prescriptions

    Chapter 6 - Rural Dispensing

    Chapter 7 - Prescription Charges

    Chapter 8 - The Interests of the Public

    Chapter 9 - Complaints and Discipline in the NHS

    Chapter 10 - Retail Pharmacy

    Chapter 11 - Manufacture and Licensing of Medicinal Products

    Chapter 12 - Control on Sales of Medicines

    Chapter 13 - Supplies and Deliveries

    Chapter 14 - Unlicensed Products

    Chapter 15 - Traditional and Alternative Medicine

    Chapter 16 - Controlled Drugs

    Chapter 17 - Labelling, Leaflets and Packaging

    Chapter 18 - Poisons and Dangerous Substances

    Chapter 19 - Patient Group Directions

    Chapter 20 - Non-Medical Prescribing

    Chapter 21 - Rights of Access

    Chapter 22 - Confidentiality

    Chapter 23 - Consent

    Chapter 24 - The European Union


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