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Principles and Applications

Comprehensive, yet easy to read, this practical textbook introduces you to basic pharmacology principles, with an emphasis on applying them to the kinds of clinical situations you will encounter on the job. You'll learn about how different drugs work in the body, drug dosage calculation methods, drug administration routes and procedures, the importance of keeping accurate medication records, and much more. Plus, a variety of activities and exercises help you strengthen your math, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Book, 768 Pages

Published: January 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3503-7


  • Section 1: General Aspects of Pharmacology


    1. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Pharmacology

    2. Basics of Pharmacology

    3. Drug Information and Drug Forms

    4. Understanding Drug Dosages for Special Populations

    5. Reading and Interpreting Medication Labels and Documenting Appropriately

    Section 2: Mathematics for Pharmacology and Dosage Calculations

    6. Math Review

    7. Measurement Systems and Their Equivalents

    8. Converting between Measurement Systems

    9. Calculating Doses of Nonparenteral Medications

    10. Calculating Doses of Injectible Medications

    11. Principles and Calculations in Intravenous Therapy NEW!

    Section 3: Medication Administration

    12. Safety and Quality Assurance

    13. Enteral Routes

    14. Percutaneous Routes

    15. Parenteral Routes

    Section 4: Pharmacology for Multisystem Application

    16. Analgesics and Antipyretics

    17. Immunizations and the Immune System

    18. Anitmicrobials, Antifungals, and Antivirals

    19. Antineoplastic Agents

    20. Nutritional Supplements and Alternative Medicines

    Section 5: Medication Related to Body Systems

    21. Endocrine System Disorders

    22. Eye and Ear Disorders

    23. Skin Conditions

    24. Musculoskeletal System Disorders

    25. Gastrointestinal System Disorders

    26. Respiratory System Disorders

    27. Circulatory System Disorders

    28. Urinary System Disorders

    29. Reproductive System Disorders

    30. Neurological System Disorders

    31. Drugs for Mental Health and Behavioral Disorders

    32. Drugs of Abuse and Misuse


    A. Basic Intravenous Therapy Medications

    B. “Check Your Understanding” Answers

    C. Drug-Food and Drug-Drug Interactions



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