Pharmacology and Medicines Management for Nurses book cover

Pharmacology and Medicines Management for Nurses

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. An understanding of medicines and their effects on patients remains a crucial area of nursing knowledge. This book provides a thorough foundation upon which nurses can build their clinical experience to achieve competence. It not only provides information on the actions of drugs on the body but also gives clear guidance on the practical aspects of medicines management in both hospital and community. Organisation of the text broadly follows the British National Formulary for ease of use.


Published: December 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3333-9



    1 Medicines in society today and tomorrow

    2 The control of medicines

    3 The role of the nurse in drug therapy

    4 Administration of medicine

    5 Nurse prescribing

    6 Clinical governance and safety in the use of medicines

    7 The role of patients and carers in medicines management


    8 Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

    9 Autonomic nervous system

    10 Adverse drug reactions and drug interactions


    11 Drug treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

    12 Drug treatment of cardiovascular disorders

    13 Drug treatment of respiratory disorders

    14 Drugs acting on the central nervous system, including anaesthetics

    15 Drug treatment of infections

    16 Drug treatment of endocrine disorders

    17 Drugs used in obstetrics, gynaecology and urinary tract disorders

    18 Drugs used in kidney diseases

    19 Drug treatment of malignant disease

    20 Drugs affecting the immune response

    21 Nutrition and blood, Fluid and electrolytes

    22 Drug treatment of musculoskeletal and joint disease
    23 Drug treatment of eye conditions

    24 Drug treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders

    25 Drug treatment of skin disorders

    26 Palliative care


    Self assessment questions


    Appendix 1: Abbreviations

    Appendix 2: Normal values



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