PET-CT in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning book cover

PET-CT in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

Here is an exciting new guide to the use of PET-CT imaging in radiotherapy. You’ll get practical, useful information for utilizing this novel imaging technique—from different methods for contouring biological target volumes in various anatomic regions to how different experts use this imaging in targeted treatment. This thorough text helps you make concise, accurate treatment choices based on current evidence and expert authority. The result is an essential tool for everyone on the radiotherapy treatment team in the era of image-guided radiotherapy.

Radiation Oncologists, Oncologists and Radiologists.

Hardbound, 272 Pages

Published: May 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-3224-3


  • Section I: Introduction

    Chapter 1 PET-CT in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning, Arnold C. Paulino, MD

    Section II: Principles of Imaging in Nuclear Medicine

    Chapter 2 Principles of PET-CT Scanning, Stephen Chiang, MD

    Section III: PET-CT Fusion and Target Delineation

    Chapter 3 Image Registration and Fusion Techniques, Timothy Fox, PhD; Eric Elder, PhD; Ian Crocker, MD

    Chapter 4 Biological Target Volume, Katherine Mah, MSc, FCCPM; Curtis B. Caldwell, PhD, MCCPM

    Section IV: Clinical Applications

    Chapter 5 Head and Neck, Arnold C. Paulino, MD; Bin S. Teh, MD; E. Brian Butler, MD

    Chapter 6 Esophageal Cancer, Trevor Leong, MBBS, MD, FRANZCR

    Chapter 7 Rectal and Anal Cancers, Cynthia Anderson, MD; Mary Koshy, MD; Jerome C. Landry, MD

    Chapter 8 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Kenneth Rosenzweig, MD; Carlo Greco, MD

    Chapter 9 Small Cell Lung Cancer, Nena Mirkovic, MD; Suneel Nagda, MD

    Chapter 10 Gynecologic Cancer, Karen Godette, MD; Mariana Galli Guevara, MD; Sushil Beriwal, MD

    Chapter 11 Genitourinary Cancer, Bin S. Teh, MD; Charles Bloch, PhD; Stephen Chiang, MD; Susan Richardson, PhD; E. Brian Butler, MD; Robert Amato, DO; Arnold C. Paulino, MD

    Chapter 12 Lymphoma, Natia Esiashvili, MD; Cynthia Anderson, MD; Shannon T. Kahn, BS, MAC, MD; Raghuveer Halkar, MD

    Chapter 13 Melanoma, Min Yao, MD, PhD; Yusuf Menda, MD; John E. Bayouth, PhD

    Chapter 14 Pediatric Tumors, Arnold C. Paulino, MD; James G. Douglas, MD, MS

    Chapter 15 Central Nervous System Tumors, James G. Douglas, MD, MS; Alexander M. Spence, MD

    Section V: Economic Considerations

    Chapter 16 Economic Considerations of PET Scanning Diagnosis, Staging, and Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning, Andre Konski, MD, MBA, MA, FACR



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