Pesticide Biotransformation and Disposition book cover

Pesticide Biotransformation and Disposition

Biotransformation of Pesticides is an updated, "one-stop" resource for academic, industry and regulatory scientists involved in research and regulatory activities related to pesticide biotransformation and human health.  This book provides an in depth look at how pesticides are biotransformed, which is essential to understanding exposure, dose, toxicity and health risks.  This essential reference contains the biotransformation of pesticides from uptake to excretion, including toxicokinetics and emphasizes metabolism in non-target species, including experimental animals and humans. 


Toxicologists in the agrochemical industry, regulatory toxicologists, academic toxicologists, epidemiologists, chemists studying pesticide in food commodities

Hardbound, 234 Pages

Published: January 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-385481-0


  • 1. Pesticide Disposition
    2. Summary of Methods used in the Study of Pesticide Biotransformation and Disposition
    3. Absorption
    4. Introduction to Biotransformation
    5. Metabolism of Pesticides
    6. Distribution and Pharmacokinetics
    7. Metabolic Interactions of Pesticides
    8. Pesticide Excretion
    9. Examples
    10. Summary


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