Pervasive Games

Theory and Design


  • Markus Montola, Markus Montola (M.Soc.Sc.) is a grant researcher in the University of Tampere Gamelab research group, Finland, and a doctoral candidate in Literature and the Arts.
  • Jaakko Stenros, Stenros is currently a researcher at the Game Research Lab at the University of Tampere, Finland. He has written extensively on role-playing games.

Quickly emerging from the fast-paced growth of mobile communications and wireless technologies, pervasive games take gaming away from the computer screen and back to the three-dimensional world. Now games can be designed to be played in public spaces like shopping malls, conferences, museums and other non-traditional game venues. Game designers need to understand how to use the world as a gamespace—and both the challenges and advantages of doing so. This book shows how to change the face of play—who plays, when and where they play and what that play means to all involved. The authors explore aspects of pervasive games that concern game designers: what makes these games compelling, what makes them possible today and how they are made. For game researchers, it provides a solid theoretical, philosophical and aesthetic understanding of the genre. Pervasive Games covers everything from theory and design to history and marketing.
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Game designers and developers.Secondary: students of game design. Level: All levels of game designers/developers.


Book information

  • Published: June 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374853-9

Table of Contents

IntroductionCase A: Killer: The Game of AssassinationChapter 1: Games and Pervasive GamesCase B: The Beast; Chapter 2: Pervasive Game GenresCase C: Shelby Logan’s RunChapter 3: Historical Influences on Pervasive GamesCase D: BotfightersChapter 4: Designing Spatial ExpansionCase E: TBDChapter 5: Designing Temporal ExpansionCase F: MomentumChapter 6: Designing Social ExpansionCase G: Pac-ManhattanChapter 7: Pervasive Game Design StrategiesCase H: Epidemic MenaceChapter 8: Information Technology in Pervasive GamesCase I: InsectopiaChapter 9: Pervasive Games on Mobile PhonesCase J: Vem GråterChapter 10: The Ethics of Pervasive GamesCase K: REXplorerChapter 11: Marketing the Category of Pervasive GamesCase L: Uncle Roy All Around YouChapter 12: Art and Politics of Pervasive GamesCase M: The Amazing RaceChapter 13: Pervasive Games in Media CultureAppendix A: Information Technologies for Appendix B: References