Personality in Search of Individuality book cover

Personality in Search of Individuality

In Search of Individuality

In this, his fourth book published by Academic Press, the author pursues current theories in the expansive field of personality research. Presenting a unique perspective on recent developments in the field, the emphasis is on empirical research. Topics discussed include stability and change in traits, the behavior genetics of traits, a review and defense of trait theory, and a comprehensive review of research on the unconscious.

Researchers and graduate students in behaviorial sciences.

Hardbound, 270 Pages

Published: March 1988

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-134845-8


  • Traits and Situation.Trait Stability and Change. Behavior Genetics.Traits: Summary, Refinements and Emendations.The Biological Basis of Personality.Conscious and Unconscious Influences.Epilogue.References.Index.


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