Personal Knowledge Capital

The Inner and Outer Path of Knowledge Creation in a Web World


  • Janette Young, Consultant and Facilitator, UK

Intangible value leads to new insights and ideas, and higher levels of creativity and innovative thinking. Personal knowledge capital focuses on the knowledge worker, knowledge creation, and third generation knowledge management. A focus on the ‘inner and outer’ aspects of personal knowledge capital creates a balanced approach in order to produce creative solutions. As such this forms part of a synthesis of mind versus body thinking in relation to knowledge creation theory within knowledge management. This title is divided into two sections: the inner and outer path. The inner path focuses on tacit knowledge in knowledge creation, and highlights the importance of inner value, resulting in a model for personal knowledge awareness. The outer path explores how to effectively communicate and exploit knowledge in a modern business world, both online and offline. This section focuses on valuing intangibles including social capital, relationships and trust, exploring community, conversation, infrastructure and ecologies for a web world. You can manage your own assets through your communities and networks, exploiting the latest technologies around you.
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Students and professionals in information and knowledge management, and in business


Book information

  • Published: July 2012
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84334-700-2


This is interesting and challenging reading. This work is relevant for anyone concerned with personal knowledge capital, from researchers and professionals looking for personal knowledge management, to lecturers wanting to develop their own personal knowledge capital. This is a book to read, to put into practice and to read again., Online Information Review

Table of Contents

Introduction to personal knowledge capital. Part 1 The inner path of knowledge creation: Exploring knowledge creation and tacit knowledge; Tuning-in: knowingness for inner personal knowledge capital; Mastering self and behaviour; Ka, the knowledge awareness model for knowledge creation. Part 2 The outer path of personal knowledge capital in a web environment; Personal knowledge and network building; Personal knowledge and network building; The magic box; Community and culture; Mobilising and designing the web infrastructure for twenty-first-century living; The application and exploration of knowledge creation theory; The Knowledge Cube: A model for knowledge creation in the web environment.