Perioperative Safety book cover

Perioperative Safety

The only book devoted to this increasingly important issue, Perioperative Safety helps you reduce risk in a setting where even small errors can lead to life-threatening complications. Expert author Donna Watson addresses essential safety principles and concepts, covering patient safety with topics such as the latest safety strategies and initiatives, perioperative safe medication use, preventing infections, anesthesia safety, normothermia management, and electrosurgery. Coverage of staff and workplace safety helps you minimize risk with bloodborne pathogens, latex allergy, the use of lasers, and radiation exposure. Case studies show the application of safety concepts in real-world situations.

Paperback, 424 Pages

Published: March 2010

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-06985-4


  • Unit I:  Overview of Perioperative Safety

    1. Essential Components for a Patient Safety Strategy

    2. Initiatives to Improve Patient Safety

    3. Use of MEDMARX Data for the Support and Development of Perioperative Medication Policy

    4. Competence, Nursing Practice, and Safe Patient Care

    Unit II:  Patient Safety

    5. Perioperative Safe Medication Use: A Focused Review

    6. Fire Prevention in the Perioperative Setting: Perioperative Fires Can Occur Everywhere

    7. Bloodless Surgery and Patient Safety Issues

    8. Perioperative Patient Safety and Procedural Sedation

    9. Incidence of Deep Venous Thrombosis in the Surgical Patient Population and Prophylactic Measures to Reduce Occurrence

    10. Preventative Measures for Wrong Site, Wrong Person and Wrong Procedure Errors in the Perioperative Setting

    11. To Count or Not to Count: A Surgical Misadventure

    12. Anesthesia and Perioperative Safety

    13. Preventing Surgical Site Infections

    14. Prevention of Positioning Injuries

    15. Normothermia Management: Prevention of Harm from Perioperative Hypothermia

    16. Electrosurgery

    Unit III:  Workplace Safety

    17. Workplace Safety Current Issues & Trends

    18. Hazards from Surgical Smoke: Decreasing Your Risk

    19. Bloodborne Pathogens

    20. Laser Risks and Preventive Measures for Staff

    21. Preventing Back Injuries: Patient Transfer and Mobility

    22. Latex Allergy

    23. Minimizing Radiation Exposure

    24. Infectious Disease Exposure

    25. Dealing with Disruptive Behavior in the Perioperative Setting

    Unit IV:  Looking Ahead

    26. Safety in the Perioperative Setting: Vendor Support

    27. Using Human Factors to Balance Your Operating Room


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