Performance of Distributed Systems and Integrated Communication Networks

Edited by

  • T. Hasegawa, Kyoto University, Japan
  • H. Takagi, IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, Japan
  • Y. Takahashi, Kyoto University, Japan

This book explores new analytical techniques and tools for the performance evaluation of distributed and integrated computer communication systems. The systems considered are those arising in LAN, MAN, WAN broadband ISDN, and ATM switching. These systems are mathematically modelled and analysed. Analytical results are presented on the basic queueing models such as multi-queue, priority queue, queueing network, queue with bursty input and superposed input, and multi-server queue. These results can be usefully applied for the performance evaluation of all the above systems.
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Book information

  • Published: June 1992
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89404-5


Keynote Address. Technological competition and cooperation (H. Kobayashi). MAN. Traffic engineering for high speed networks (P.J. Kühn). Performance analysis of the CRMA-protocol in high-speed networks (P. Tran-Gia, R. Dittmann). DQDB modeling: problem complexity reduction and solution via Markov chains (M. Conti, E. Gregori, L. Lenzini). Network Performance. An object-oriented approach for quality of service and network performance modeling (J.G. Markopoulos et al.). Performance of connection management policies for a LAN to broadband ISDN gateway (A. Wolisz, M. Walch, R. Ruppelt). Multi-queue Models. A heterogeneous SCAN service polling model with single-message buffer (B.D. Bunday, J. Sztrik, R.B. Tapsir). Analysis of a priority queue with Bernoulli schedules (T. Katayama, Y. Takahashi). ATM Switching Networks. Buffered multistage interconnection networks: simulations results and modelling trials (J. Le Roux). A modular ATM switch for broadband ISDN switching (W.D. Zhong, J. Kaniyil, Y. Onozato). Blocking in asynchronous, buffered banyan networks (P.G. Harrison, A. de C. Pinto). Modeling Computer Systems. Performance analysis of a processor sharing policy with interactive and background jobs (K.K. Leung). Queueing Networks. Probabilistic methods for Jackson networks (G. Fayolle et al.). Estimating response time distributions in queueing networks (A.E. Conway, D.E. O'Brien). Optimal deadlock free buffer allocation in multiple chain blocking networks of queues (I.F. Akyildiz, J. Liebeherr). Asymptotic analysis of closed queueing networks with bottlenecks (Y. Kogan, A. Birman). Performance Evaluation Tools. Concurrent stochastic simulation: Experiments with EcliPSe (V.J. Rego, V.S. Sunderam). ATM Modeling and Analysis. Queueing systems for modelling ATM networks (G. Pujolle, H.G. Perros). Analysis and application of an MMPP/PH/n/m multi-server model (U.R. Krieger, D. Wagner). A method of computation of the consecutive cell loss probability for an individual source in superposed traffic (F.M. Brochin). Cell loss behavior in a statistical multiplexer with bursty input (H. Yamada). Queueing Systems. Exact computation of blocking probabilities in state-dependent multi-facility blocking models (E. Pinsky, A. Conway). Space priority mechanisms with bursty traffic (J. García, O. Casals). Buffer size requirements under longest queue first (H.R. Gail et al.)