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Performance and Stability of Aircraft

The performance, stability, control and response of aircraft are key areas of aeronautical engineering. This book provides a comprehensive overview to the underlying theory and application of what are often perceived to be difficult topics.Initially it introduces the reader to the fundamental concepts underlying performance and stability, including lift characteristics and estimation of drag, before moving on to a more detailed analysis of performance in both level and climbing flight. Pitching motion is then described followed by a detailed discussion of all aspects of both lateral and longitudinal stability and response. It finishes with an examination of inertial cross-coupling and automatic control and stabilization. The student is helped to think in three dimensions throughout the book by the use of illustrative examples. The progression from one degree of freedom to six degrees of freedom is gradually introduced. The result is an approach dealing specifically with all aspects of performance, stability and control that fills a gap in the current literature. It will be essential reading for all those embarking on degree level courses in aeronautical engineering and will be of interest to all with an interest in stability and dynamics, including those in commercial flying schools who require an insight into the performance of their aircraft.

Essential reading for aeronautical engineering students. Also of interest to engineering undergraduates studying stability/dynamics and those studying for commercial flying exams.

Paperback, 294 Pages

Published: August 1996

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-340-63170-6


  • This is a book that students will like and buy. The Aeronautical Journal


  • Introduction * Performance in Level Flight * Performance - Other Flight Manoeuvres * Introduction to Stability and Control * Elementary Treatment of Pitching Motion * Lateral Static Stability and Control * Revision and Extension of Dynamics * Equations of Motion of a Rigid Aircraft * Longitudinal Dynamic Stability * Longitudinal Response * Lateral Dynamic Stability and Response * Effects of Inertial Cross-Coupling * Introduction to Automatic Control and Stabization


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