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Pediatric Clinical Skills

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Pediatric Clinical Skills, 4th Edition, by renowned author Richard B. Goldbloom, is your ideal guide to mastering necessary, often complex and challenging pediatric clinical skills. Written in a clear, informal tone, this book explains the nuances of the child/family interview and history, pediatric physical exam, crucial interpersonal skills, and important issues such as cultural sensitivity, chronic conditions, and athletic participation. An indispensible learning tool for in-training physicians, this book is also a valuable resource for pediatric and family practice physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and all healthcare personnel who work with children.


Medical students in clerkship/rotation (years 3 & 4), NPs, PAs, advanced nurses, pediatric healthcare professionals,

Residents in Pediatrics and Family Medicine

Paperback, 360 Pages

Published: August 2010

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4377-1397-8


  • 1. Family Interviewing and History-Taking

      2. Skills for Culturally-Sensitive Care

        3. Assessing Physical Growth and Nutrition

          4. Evaluating the Newborn: Diagnostic Approach

            5. Assessing Congenital Anomalies

              6. Developmental and Behavioral Assessment

                7. Examining the Head and Neck

                  8 Examining the Visual System

                  9 Evaluating the Respiratory System

                  10 Cardiovascular Assessment of Infants and Children

                  11 Evaluating Gastrointestinal Symptoms

                  12 Surgical Assessment of the Abdomen

                  13 Neurological Examination

                  14 Psychiatric Assessment of Children and Adolescents

                  15 Musculoskeletal Examination

                  16 Clinical Endocrine Evaluation

                  17 Approaching the Adolescent

                  18 Gynecological Assessment

                  19 Assessing the Skin

                  20 Caring for Children with Chronic Conditions and Their Families

                  21 Clinical Evaluation for Possible Child Abuse

                  22 Assessing the Appropriate Role for Children in Health Decisions

                  23 Palliative Care


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