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PCI Compliance

Understand and Implement Effective PCI Data Security Standard Compliance

Identity theft and other confidential information theft have now topped the charts as the #1 cybercrime. In particular, credit card data is preferred by cybercriminals. Is your payment processing secure and compliant?

Now in its second edition, PCI Compliance has been revised to follow the new PCI DSS standard 1.2.1. Also new to this edition: Each chapter has how-to guidance to walk you through implementing concepts, and real-world scenarios to help you relate to the information and better grasp how it impacts your data. This book provides the information that you need to understand the current PCI Data Security standards and how to effectively implement security on the network infrastructure in order to be compliant with the credit card industry guidelines and protect sensitive and personally identifiable information.


IT Professionals responsible for implementing cardholder environments. This would include Network, Server, application developers, database managers, as well as numerous security personnel.


Published: December 2009

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-499-1


  • "Finally we have a solid and comprehensive reference for PCI. This book explains in great detail not only how to apply PCI in a practical and cost-effective way, but more importantly why."--Joel Weise, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) founder and chairman of the ISSA Journal Editorial Advisory Board

    "Overall, PCI Compliance is a valuable book for one of the most sensible security standards ever put forth. Anyone who has PCI responsibilities or wants to gain a quick understanding of the PCI DSS requirements will find it quite valuable."--Security Management

    "Intended for IT managers, this guide introduces the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS), describes the components of a secure network, and suggests steps for planning a project to meet compliance. The 12 PCI DSS requirements are addressed individually with action items for access control, cardholder data protection, wireless network security, vulnerability management, and event logging. The second edition covers PCI DSS version 1.2.1."--SciTech Book News


  • Foreword
    Chapter 1: About PCI and This Book
    Chapter 2: Introduction to Fraud, ID Theft, and Regulatory Mandates
    Chapter 3: Why Is PCI Here?
    Chapter 4: Building and Maintaining a Secure Network
    Chapter 5: Strong Access Controls
    Chapter 6: Protecting Cardholder Data
    Chapter 7: Using Wireless Networking
    Chapter 8: Vulnerability Management
    Chapter 9: Logging Events and Monitoring the Cardholder Data Environment
    Chapter 10: Managing a PCI DSS Project to Acheive Compliance
    Chapter 11: Don't Fear the Assessor
    Chapter 12: The Art of Compensating Control
    Chapter 13: You're Compliant, Now What?
    Chapter 14: PCI and Other Laws, Mandates, and Frameworks
    Chapter 15: Myths and Misconceptions of PCI DSS


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