PCB Design Using AutoCAD


  • Chris Schroeder, Chris Schroeder is the Technical Director, Electronics, for Crane Technologies Group, Inc., Daytona Beach, Florida, a leading automotive aftermarket and original equipment supplier. He has 19 years of engineering, marketing, and management experience in the electronics industry and has a broad, yet in-depth technical knowledge of both design and manufacturing. His specialized areas of design expertise include: embedded controls using RISC microcontroller technology, assembly language programming, magnetic design for switching power supplies and ignition coils, and printed circuit board design, including the use of surface mount technology.


Design engineers and students using AutoCAD


Book information

  • Published: August 1997
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-9834-4


' Aims to help Design engineers ans students to get the most from their AutoCAD workstation, showing tips and techniques for improving the design process Booknews

Table of Contents

Introduction to PCB Design * Schematic Drafting * Single-Sided PCB Design * Double-Sided PCB Design * Surface Mount PCB Design * Importing Gerber Files for Manufacturing Documentation * Importing HPGL Files for Manufacturing Documentation * Importing Gerber Artwork Files for Viewing * Importing Excellon Format NC Drill Data * Converting HPGL to Gerber Format * Appendix A: Gerber Format * Appendix B: Excellon Format * Appendix C: HPGL Format * Appendix D: Information about the Disk Supplied with the Book * Index