Pattern Recognition in Practice II

Edited By

  • E.S. Gelsema
  • L.N. Kanal

The 1985 Amsterdam conference brought together researchers active in pattern recognition methodology and the development of practical applications. The first part of the book covers various methodological aspects of image processing, knowledge based and model driven image understanding systems, 3-D reconstruction methods, and application oriented papers. Part II deals with aspects of statistical pattern recognition, the problem of population classification, and topics common to both pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.
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Book information

  • Published: January 1986
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-87877-9

Table of Contents

Image Processing. Image Processing Techniques (Contributors: E. Backer, G.L. Beckers, J. Biemond, A. Boerman, D. Bosman, H. Boterenbrood, A. Choudry, P.A. Devijver, L. Dorst, W. Förstner, J.J. Gerbrands, W. Good, R.M. Haralick, L.O. Hertzberger, G. Koper, A. Pertl, J.S. Ploem, P. Saint-Jean, A.W.M. Smeulders, G.T. Toussaint, W.A.G. van der Hoeven, H. van Huijstee, V. von Hagen, I.T. Young). Knowledge Based and Model Driven Systems (Contributors: J.T.W. Damen, M. Dhome, I. Hofmann, G. Nagy, H. Niemann, E. Persoon, M. Richetin, G. Rives, G. Sagerer, S.C. Seth, G. Stein, S.C. Stoddard, H.S. Tan, H. Tropf,I. Walter). 3-D Reconstruction (Contributors: W. Abmayr, R.M. Bolle, D.B. Cooper, G. Harauz, U. Heinzmann, T. Kaminuma, R. Minamikawa, T.-C. Pong, L.G. Shapiro, G.C. Stockman, I. Suzuki, M. van Heel). Applications (Contributors: H.M. Aus, J.J. Gerbrands, F.C.A. Groen, H. Harms, M.M. Jordan, C.J. Kooiman, R.C. Mann, B.K. Mansfield, A. Oosterlinck, J.A. Parikh, W.J. Perkins, J.H.C. Reiber, A.V.M.C.L. Schulte, J.K. Selkirk, P. Suetens, M. van Heel, R.J. van Meenen, R.J. van Munster, J. van Ommeren). Pattern Recognition. Feature Extraction, Classification, Mapping (Contributors: P. Bertrand, A. Bietti, A. Burani, E. Diday, B. Dubuisson, D. Grenier, L. Kaufman, P. Malvache, S.D. Morgera, W. Pedrycz, P.J. Rousseeuw, M. Sjöström, B. Söderström, H. Stark, J. Talmon, S. Wold, R. Wu, L. Zanello). Population Classification (Contributors: G. Burger, U. Jutting, A.W.M. Smeulders). Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (Contributors: C. Berenstein, B. Chandrasekaran, L.N. Kanal, D. Lavine). Index.