Pathophysiology, pharmacology and biochemistry of dyskinesia

Edited by

  • Jonathan Brotchie
  • Erwan Bezard
  • Peter Jenner, King's College, London, U.K. Head of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Division

Published since 1959, International Review of Neurobiology is a well-known series appealing to neuroscientists, clinicians, psychologists, physiologists, and pharmacologists. Led by an internationally renowned editorial board, this important serial publishes both eclectic volumes made up of timely reviews and thematic volumes that focus on recent progress in a specific area of neurobiology research. This volume reviews existing theories and current research surrounding the movement disorder Dyskinesia.
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Neuroscientists, neurologists, psychologists


Book information

  • Published: September 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-381328-2


"Invaluable reading." - NATURE
"A valuable addition to any library as current reference material for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and professional scientists."

Table of Contents

  1. An introduction to dyskinesia - the clinical spectrum
  2. Joseph Jankovic and Ainhia Ha

  3. L-dopa induced dyskinesia - clinical presentation, genetics and treatment
  4. Wassilios Meissner and Sue Fox

  5. Experimental models of LID
  6. Emma Lane and Tom Johnston

  7. Mechanisms underlying LID
  8. Gilberto Fisone

  9. Novel approaches to therapy
  10. Jonathan Brotchie

  11. Surgical approaches to LID
  12. Andres Lozano

  13. Tardive dyskinesia - clinical presentation and treatment
  14. Peter van Harten

  15. Epidemiology and risk factors for TD
  16. Diederik Tenback

  17. Genetics of TD
  18. Heon-Jeong Lee

  19. Experimental models of TD
  20. S.K. Kulkarni

  21. Surgical approaches to TD
  22. Philippe Damier

  23. Huntington’s chorea - clinical presentation and treatment
  24. Sarah J Tabrizi

  25. Genetics and pathology of HD
  26. Anton Reiner

  27. Pathogenic mechanisms in HD
  28. Lesley Jones

  29. Experimental models of HD and novel therapeutic approaches RJ Ferrante
  30. Robert J. Ferrante

  31. Cell based treatments for HD
  32. Stephen Dunnett

  33. Clinical phenomenology of dystonia
  34. A. Beradelli

  35. Genetics and pharmacological treatment of dystonia
  36. Susan Bressman

  37. Experimental models of dystonia
  38. Antonio Pisani

  39. Surgical treatment of dystonia

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