Partial Cumulative Index, 100 book cover

Partial Cumulative Index, 100

Cumulative Index


Published: October 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-014742-7


  • "Editing by P.W. Hawkes is immaculate and the production, in the usual style of Advances in Electronics & Electron Physics, results in a volume that will be a handsome addition to any bookshelf."

    "With the accelerating pace of research and development in so many areas of microscopy, keeping abreast of the widespread literature is becoming increasingly time-consuming. In Advances in Optical & Electron Microscopy the Editors are to be congratulated on bringing together in a convenient and comprehensible form a variety of topics of current interest."
    --J.A. Chapman in LABORATORY PRACTIC


  • Cumulative index for all in-print volumes of:Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics, Volumes 63-89Advances in Imaging & Electron Physics, Volumes 90-99Advances in Optical & Electron Microscopy, Volumes 1-14


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