Palliative Care

The Nursing Role


  • Jean Lugton, MA, MSc, PhD, RGN, RNT, HV, Health Visitor/Researcher, Edinburgh NHS Trust, UK
  • Rosemary McIntyre, Head of Studies (Scotland), Marie Curie Education Centre, Edinburgh, UK

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Palliative Care: The Nursing Role is an introductory text for nurses and other health care professionals who deliver palliative care across a range of settings. It lays a clear foundation of knowledge focusing on the needs and perspectives of patients and families who face the challenge of advanced, incurable illness. The style is highly accessible yet challenges readers to analyze key issues that present within palliative care. Covering the wide range of care provision in hospices, hospitals and patients' homes, the book draws widely from practice based examples to explain and expand upon theoretical issues. Research evidence underpins each of the chapters. Guided activities encourage readers to reflect, in a focused way, on their clinical experience and current practice. This new edition has been fully updated to reflect ongoing developments and shifting trends in palliative care education and practice. It will suit the needs of both pre and post-qualifying students seeking to develop their knowledge and is well suited to practitioners working within either generalist or specialist palliative care settings, or within acute or community settings as well as those studying a range of palliative care educational curricula. The authors have a wide range of experience in palliative care and all are actively engaged in practice and/or education.
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Book information

  • Published: December 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-07458-5


I would recommend anyone looking for
knowledge of palliative nursing to read
this text as an excellent introduction to
the subject.

Nursing Therapies and News

Table of Contents


1. Introduction to Palliative Care: Overview of Nursing Developments

2. Education and Development in Palliative Care

3. Holistic Care

4. Symptom Management

5. Communication and Support in Palliative Care

6. Spirituality in Palliative Care

7. Sexuality and Palliative Care

8. Complementary Therapies

9. Supporting the Family and Careers

10. Living with Loss

11. Ethical Issues in Palliative Care

12. Evidence-Based Palliative Care

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