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Best Practice & Research Compendium

This prestigious text offers the most up-to-date advice on the assessment and treatment of pain. Derived from the highly acclaimed journals Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology and Best Practice & Research Clinical Anaesthesiology, this fully updated volume discusses the basic principles of pain, its diagnosis, the recognition of ‘red' flags indicating a greater risk of serious causes and ‘yellow' flags indicating a greater risk of developing more chronic pain, and the evidence-based management of a variety of conditions. Illustrated throughout, the book draws upon the expertise of some of the World's leading experts in the field, providing a publication that gives a truly international perspective to the management of pain.

Specialist registrar and consultant rheumatologists, anaesthetists and any physicians with an interest in pain management – orthopaedists, back pain specialists, neurologists – in addition to some primary care physicians

Paperback, 384 Pages

Published: March 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-044684-4


  • 1 Introduction

    1 Bridging the gap between pain management as a speciality and rheumatology Harald Breivik and Michael Shipley

    2 Science & psychology of pain

    2 Science and psychology of pain Johan W.S. Vlaeyen, Geert Crombez and Liesbet Goubert
    3 What are the mechanisms of chronic pain? Bruce L. Kidd

    3 Assessment

    4 Assessment of pain in patients with rheumatic diseases Tuulikki Sokka
    5 Assessment of neuropathic pain Ellen Jørum
    6 Diagnostic nerve blocks in chronic pain Nikolai Bogduk

    4 Spinal Pain

    7 Neck pain Robert Ferrari and Anthony S. Russell
    8 Low back pain Maurits van Tulder, Bart Koes and Claire Bombardier
    Low back pain from a clinical point of view Aage Indahl
    9 Self-care techniques for acute episodes of low back pain Sherri Weiser, Marco A. Campello, Margareta Nordin and Markus Pietrek
    10 Advances with analgesics and NSAIDs for the treatment of spinal disorders J. A. Desmeules, V. Rollason, C. Cedraschi, V. Piguet, A.-F. Allaz and Pierre Dayer
    11 The contribution of psychosocial factors to long-term disability and work loss Amanda C de C Williams and Nicholas Kendall
    12 Steroid injections: effect on pain of spinal origin Les Barnsley, Mary McLoone and Andrew Baranowski
    13 Radiofrequency procedures in chronic pain Nikolai Bogduk and Susan M Lord

    5 Regional Pain

    14 Clinical examination as a tool for identifying the origin of regional musculoskeletal pain Bernard Fouquet
    15 Limb pain Michael Shipley
    16 Diagnosing regional pain: the view from primary care Peter Croft
    17 Injection therapies for soft-tissue disorders Cathy Speed
    18 Treatment options for regional musculoskeletal pain: what is the evidence? Krysia Dziedzic, Joanne L. Jordan, Julius Sim and Elaine M. Hay
    19 Fibromyalgia: Interdisciplinary approach Peter Keel
    20 Efficacy of rehabilitative therapy in regional musculoskeletal conditions: An update Edwin Yoshiyuki Hanada

    6 Chronic widespread pain

    21 The epidemiology of chronic generalized musculoskeletal pain Jan Tore Gran
    21 An update on the epidemiology of chronic generalized musculoskeletal pain in the light of recent publications Karin Forseth
    22 Chronic widespread pain (CWP) and fibromyalgia (FM) Richard E. Harris and Daniel J. Clauw
    23 Pharmacological therapies in fibromyalgia (chronic widespread pain) Srinivas G. Rao and Robert M. Bennett

    7 Acute and postoperative pain

    24 How to implement an acute postoperative pain service – an update Harald Breivik, Michele Curatolo, Geir Niemi, Håkon Haugtomt, Gunnvald Kvarstein, Luis Romundstad and Audun Stubhaug
    25 The effect of postoperative epidural analgesia on perioperative morbidity and mortality Christopher L. Wu and Matthew D. Caldwell
    26 Prevention and treatment of hyperalgesia and persistent neuropathic pain after surgery Audun Stubhaug and Harald Breivik

    8 Management strategies

    27 Pain management and quality in healthcare Lesley A. Colvin and Ian Power
    28 Drug combinations in pain treatment: A review of the published evidence and methods to find optimal combinations Gorazd Sveticic and Michele Curatolo
    29 How do we manage chronic pain? Hans-Georg Schaible and Horacio Vanegas
    30 Recommendations for using opioids in chronic non-cancer pain Eija Kalso, Laurie Allan, Paul L.I. Dellemijn, Clara C. Faura, Wilfried K. Ilias, Troels S. Jensen, Serge Perrot, Leon H. Plaghki and Michael Zenz
    Update Leon Plaghki


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